IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024

Special planning and supporting architectural design of Yueqing Dongta cultural theme park

Special planning and supporting architectural design of Yueqing Dongta cultural theme park
Winner of 2021 SILVER Prize

Design of Architectural Construction


Yueqing, an ancient city, the Dongta Mountain in the city is also known as Donggao Mountain and Dongshan. The Dongta theme park of the planned project has a highest elevation of 316 meters, four mountain climbing entrances, and a total length of about 4 kilometers. The shape of the mountain is east-west, surrounded by the Haohe River at the foot of the mountain. There is an ancient tower built in the Northern Song Dynasty for more than 800 years-the Dongta. Next to the tower is the Wenfeng Temple, and pavilions donated by the people of Yueqing can be seen everywhere on the mountain road. Based on ecology, culture, and sports, the road system is planned as three main lines, namely the mountain bike path, the cultural experience trail, and the mountain recreation trail. The plan will propose special solutions for the existing pavilions and corridors, fragmented open spaces of the mountain, forests of the mountain, and water use. At the same time, the mountain is organically related to the city. While rigorously excavating the tower and mountain culture, creatively design the technical methods of each landscape node on the mountain and the important civilization relics under Jingshan. Through "viewing board, ringtones", etc., the purpose of "walking a section of mountain road, clearing a section of history, and intuitively feeling the process" is realized.

Design by Chengbang Design Group Co., Ltd


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