IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024

Smart heat wall panels

Smart heat wall panels
Winner of 2022 SILVER Prize

Design of New Materials


This is a customizable and recyclable self-heating wall panel specially designed for modern interior architecture. With the built-in high-tech smart chip for heating, the surface of wall panel can be heated up to 30 ℃ within 10-minute power-on. Moreover, the product can provides efficient heat supply and lasting heat preservation, thereby achieving “one panel warms one room”.
Different from common decorative panels made of PP, PU or PVC, the product adopts PET from daily recycling materials, such as waste clothing and plastic cups instead of fossil fuels. The worn-out panel can be recycled as well, realizing the close-loop utilization of resources when reducing the input of new materials and the generation of pollutants during the production process.
Thanks to the mature processing technology, the product is assembled and installed by environmental-friendly adhesive made from soybean, avoiding the harmful gases like aldehydes and benzenes. The anti-fingerprint nanoimprint lithography applied in its surface allows good resistance to abrasion and scratch as well as high strength and stiffness, enabling the product to effectively resist impact. Via the sound insulation pad in the lower layer, the wall panel can reduce noise by up to 21dB and protect against ultraviolet radiation, creating a comfortable indoor environment for users. Meanwhile, the antibacterial coating and the IP67 standard of the product decrease the virus adhesion to the surface, which can be well maintained even after disinfection and cleaning. Therefore, such a wall panel is conducive to long-term use and application in medical places during the epidemic prevention and control.
In addition, the product size and shape are designed to fit conventional indoor space, declining choice cost and easing installation for users. The modular installation reduces the production cost and keeps the the heating modules stable. The patterns and textures of different styles are designed through the pattern scanning and acquisition technology from Italy and high-definition ink jet printing. Users can freely custom the high-definition patterns to infuse the space with rich creativity and artistic attraction.

Design by Zhejiang kingdom new material group co., ltd

With the progress of the times, people now pay more attention to spiritual enjoyment. More and more designers are pursuing the perfection of space design, while paying more attention to the quality safety and efficiency of the plate. Through continuous research and testing, we have finally successfully developed this Smart heat wall panels. It is in line with the sustainable development of the new era, multiple recycling, reducing white pollution and the use of new materials, and can also allow people to enjoy a warm and comfortable environment. Thanks to the process of high-definition scanning technology, we can perfectly present the design patterns of our hand-drawn creative textures. Create more environmentally friendly, lighter and more personalized floor wall panels.

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