IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024

Quanzhou Midea Cloud Msnsion

Quanzhou Midea Cloud Msnsion
Winner of 2022 Innovation Prize

Design of Residential Housing


Based on a thorough analysis and deep understanding of people’s demand for habitant environment, the project has designed 8 high-rise and 7 low density foreign-style houses in clusters, revealing the oriental beauty, highlighting the essence of Minnan(referred to Southern Fujian Province) culture, and setting a model for low-density and comfortable habitant environment.
With the traditional etiquette order of entrance at three layers and typical oriental features, the project follows the essence of Chinese gardens, takes inspiration from tea, brush, and ink, aiming to create a vivid oriental courtyard, present the Chinese rites passed on for thousands of years and to reveal the true nature of life. Based on oriental elements of Chinese fashion and high-tech concepts, the project incorporates localized and intelligent living scenes into the site to create a unique, green, and healthy community.
The facade design is featured by the old-age elements of Minnan culture. By putting its focus on the overall layout, architectural form, and selected material, it manages to create a beautiful mansion with modern charm and set a model for novel habitant environment featured by Minnan culture. Besides, the design also highlights inheritance and research of local culture and integrates modern aesthetics with essences of old-age houses in Minnan, bringing both a modernized sense and a solemn and classical style to the buildings and featuring the cultural charm and a sense of honor and dignity.
The warm-toned design creates a sense of elegancy, dignity, and nobleness, while the detailed metal decorations add a sense of delicacy and luxury and highlight its excellent quality. The eave design absorbs the essence of traditional old-age houses in Minnan but uses modern, simplified faced instead to render a different charm. With protuding heads and slightly upwarped ends, the overhanging eave resembles the shape of dovetail, hence it’s also called dovetail ridge, bearing the positive meaning of “a bright future”. The combination of window variations and colorful changes on the local shutters work together to create the rhythmical charm on the horizontal side and form the upright and straight lines on the vertical side. Some more lines on the key areas could work wonders, injecting a sense of rhythm into the building, and with the thick walls and detailed decorations, all have created a sense of elegance.

Design by Guangdong Tianyuan Architectural Design Co.,Ltd(REMEC TY)

Guangdong Tianyuan Architectural Design Co., Ltd., founded in 1992, is a private architectural design enterprise with modern management thinking, which was established earlier in China. Headquartered in Beijiao Town, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, it has set up branches in Guangzhou, Changsha, Nanjing and Hong Kong respectively. The business scope covers planning and design, cultural and tourism planning, architectural scheme design, civil construction drawing design, mechanical and electrical design, intelligent design, BIM positive design, landscape design, interior design, and has the ability of professional integration design and consulting. It has Class A architectural design qualification, Class B planning qualification, Class C municipal construction qualification and Class II decoration construction qualification. It has passed the ISO9001: 2015 quality management system certification, and has been awarded as a contract abiding and trustworthy enterprise in Guangdong Province for 10 consecutive years. In 2018, it was rated as a high-tech enterprise by the state.
At present, the company has more than 500 employees, including 38 first class architects and 2 BIM national professional judges. It has been awarded as the vice chairman unit by China BIM Science and Technology Innovation Alliance. It has participated in the revision of national BIM standardization and has become a BIM engineer examination unit. At the same time, he has participated in the revision of national intelligent standards for a long time, and has been awarded the standing director unit and the top ten smart home brand enterprises by the Intelligent Building Branch of China Construction Association.

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