IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024

Qingdao Poly Da Guo Jing Future City Sales Center

Qingdao Poly Da Guo Jing Future City Sales Center
Winner of 2022 GOLD Prize

Design of Soft Decoration


In this case, the display design tries to carry forward the open, enterprising and inclusive characteristics of Qi culture, sew up the ancient and modern and multi-level spatial elements, and introduce new materials, new processes and new techniques to present an exhibition area combining Qi style and cultural landmarks.
The reception hall art installation is Confucius in the "apricot altar" as the design inspiration, a statue of Confucius under the ginkgo tree became the center of the lobby, with artistic respect to the great educator; the simple statue of Confucius stands under the four meters high ginkgo tree, metal ginkgo tree hollow out staggered woven scriptures.
Since ancient times, literati and scholars love the victory of mountains and rivers, the front desk introduced Qingdao made and beautiful water scenery, the huge landscape painting in the warm light through the faint ancient meaning, the scene is integrated, elegant and popular appreciation.
The Chinese School echoes the allusion of the apricot altar. The decorative painting background with apricot leaves as the element carefully depicts the moment of ginkgo leaves falling. The dazzling gold in this simple lobby, cleverly integrates the novel and elegant style, leading the guests to travel between the ancient and modern. The original space of Chinese school restores the sound of books and music in the old private school teaching, and the rich Confucian cultural implication lingers in the space. The designers continue the theme of ancient and present, let the children feel the beauty of Chinese literature here, and explore, communicate and swim in the vast sea of books.
The open negotiation area takes Confucius' famous saying "know the happy water, benevolent Leshan" as the design inspiration to implant the lines of the building and Qi landscape elements, to make the interior scale more three-dimensional. Sand table area elegant brown, blend of elegant apricot yellow and white, simple and elegant surging full of life.
Tea tasting, view and appreciate its wonderful, smell and please its fragrance, originated from the mellow tea man friendship, different from the gentleman friendship is weak.
Through the textured glass "draw" the water clarity and ripples. Layers of frosted glass row parallel to the facade, like a river ripples. The ripples on the lamp is like an empty mountain new rain, falling on the lampshade condensation into beads, refused to disperse for a long time. Quite a "see the mountains colored, listen to the water silent" poetry. Sofa furniture in the light area into the tile elements of Qi architecture, through the use of split, deconstruction, restructuring of the design techniques, retro Qi tile when with luxurious and dazzling polished metal collision, opposite and unified.


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