IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024


Winner of 2022 SILVER Prize

Design of Commercial Space


Keywords of the design concept of "opposition aesthetics": self, respect, subversion, profoundness. The new space concept of POKONI cake is to infiltrate cream, chocolate, and cake shapes into the three-dimensional space. Looking at the opposition and unity of space is a universal truth. Similarly, the opposition and unity in the design space are also based on the conditions of difference and contrast. The beauty of form (parametric design of top space), the beauty of color (variety of lighting changes during the day and night), the beauty of lines (coexistence of house type and straight line, transparency, and solid wall), the beauty of light (transparent, soft light, changing Light), the beauty of decorative (concrete and acrylic), and the beauty of compositional are all forms of perceptual beauty and expressiveness, and they act on differences and coordination in a specific state. The concept is not only a word but also the transformation of material and medium in real life to express it in life and use functions. The designer of this case uses the concept design to establish a symbol in the cake shop to refine the essential attributes of the cake shop, expressing new cakes and drinks from the design through new forms and viewpoints. Common elements of material orientation and interior design: Parametric design shape of the top surface The opposition of space 180-degree and 90-degree pipes Opposite of transparent and opaque, soft and hard Reflection vs Refraction

Design by Yonghong Tao

2015.05 – present HTA Design Group Founder/Design Director 2011.02 – 2012.12 HASSELL Design Group Design Assistant 2009.05 – 2010.12 PTW Design Group Intern 2021 The tripod Award Top 10 Most Influential Designers 2019 Kapok Best Elegant Luxury Space Award 2013 The outstanding master's graduation design work was selected for the British Commonwealth VIVID LEVEL 2012 Royal Australian Institute of Technology First Bachelor's Title 2011-2012-2013 Consecutively won the first prize in the Commonwealth College Student Design Competition 2009 Commonwealth University Student Design Competition Excellent team leader

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