IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024

Guangzhou Ximenkou Plaza Commercial Complex

Guangzhou Ximenkou Plaza Commercial Complex
Winner of 2022 Innovation Prize

Design of Commercial Space


Guangzhou is a thousand-year-old commercial capital, It is built on the water and prospered by the port, it is constantly evolving and growing in the dialogue between the old and new contexts, under the influence of the import from the coast and the Lingnan culture: it is the texture of the ancient city with profound historical and cultural precipitation, and the other side is the new trend of thought after the compromise between Chinese and Western. As the epitome of witnessing the civilization and development of the city, the Guangzhou Ximenkou plaza commercial complex echoes the humanities and nature with a new interface. Urban renewal as a dialogue between the old and the new in architecture, brings people new spatial thinking and gives the city vitality at the same time. In the Guangzhou Ximenkou plaza commercial complex project, Zoodo Design tried to organically sort out the surrounding environment based on the aspect of the site. Taking the cultural and historical heritage of the ‘old city’ as the root of the design, the scale of the ‘new city’ was created as an intervention logic. Through the multi-dimensional interface to create a multi-cultural and artistic integration, to reshape the urban spatial relationship of the blocks. In the overall design strategy, the designer adopts the form of ‘new and old blocks’ interspersed with plain narrative. The layered logic of space is reflected in the contrast between the virtual and the real in different materials, and the heaviness and lightness of the building volume also runs through it. Partly by extracting the molecular structure and reorganizing, intercepting the most beautiful section, deeply echoing the natural ecology and humanities, and continuing and unifying the building facade and interior. Project design breakthrough volume,By taking care of the surrounding field environment, Start a new and old, modern and history, innovation and inheritance of the space legend.

Design by Shenzhen Zoodo Design Consultants co.,Ltd

Zoodo Design was established in 2011. The team's main creative staff have many years of working experience in serving real estate. It is a creative agency with an international perspective and extremely design experience, we have always served customers with excellent design management and creativity.

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