IIDA Award Italy 2022

Nine Dragon Lake villa

Nine Dragon Lake villa
Winner of 2021 SILVER Prize

Design of Villa Mansion


The starting point of our design for residential space is derived from natural and softer life. The origin site is a villa, however, we are eager to capture spatial function and lighting of the space. When starting a graphic design, ensuring the connection between interior space and the outdoor, also a good lighting is the key to design. The most romantic feature for our design is the combination of spacious main entrance and fair courtyard, which creates profuse vision. The completeness of a project from graphics to in and out of space, requires the integration of architectural technology, also landscape and memory. Our design dedicates to build a penetrative space both inside and outside, which highlight the volume in a comfortable way, but also create an intimacy for the first floor space. Families live in this building will own a space suitable for office and habitation. The space for daily life mainly set up on the basement floor, which is a multifunctional social space including living room and dining area. It penetrates the outdoor space with the gardens on both side. One is the kitchen meets different needs, with its two functional use, the other is living room, which connects the corridor and adjacent garden.

Design by Zhang fei