IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024


Winner of 2022 Innovation Prize

Design of TOP 100 DesignerVilla Space


The modern dwelling, filled with tranquility, seems to contain possibilities quite different from the hustle and bustle of the city: surging, serene, orderly, or at ease.
In addition to meeting the basic“Living” function of its role more rich urban concrete jungle even towards the secular people's inherent desire for peace and quiet is eternal.
This is a poetic habitat of four people, is the love and yearning of all family members, the common growth of the home. All the design perspective, is the hope that through the space to convey a deep and unforgettable emotion. Simple, pure, in baptism, precipitation at the same time, looking for Peace of mind, the establishment of life space texture.
Designers through a large area of windows, front yard, backyard, moving scenery and other design techniques, the introduction of the room, the maximum integration of the natural environment, so that everyone from the nourishment of energy. Parents Love, the growth of children, in this space, to achieve every moment of warm harmony.
Design concept:
Living Room/pure elegance, symbiosis with nature, with seclusion and escape
Bedroom/introverted rush, Drunk Breeze, Wake Up Bright Moon,
Dining room/short soft, leisurely tactful, firework is not negative
Teahouse/Pure Immersion, a corner of the teahouse, Static Huan Two appropriate
[Draw the essence of nature, dream poetic life]
As practitioners of natural design, designers adhere to the"Natural construction" concept, based on the architectural superiority of the right time and place, and the integration of people, will maximize the natural invitation to life, let life unbounded into nature, the natural form and material space organic integration, link up the intersection of man and nature, and the relationship of family love.

Design by Sface Design (Shanghai) Co. , Ltd.

SAFCE DESIGN is founded in 2004, it's a comprehensive solution company specializing in the creation, optimization and improvement of the environment for public space systems.
SAFCE DESIGN focus on office, commercial, hotel, catering, brand chain stores and other interior decoration, outdoor landscape, architectural facade design.
SAFCE DESIGN has a professional planning team, rich DESIGN experience, designed to create a forward-looking and highly valuable industry model for customers.
SAFCE DESIGN adhering to the service concept of “design achieves the beauty of space”, fitv is committed to developing into a leader in the whole case service field in China, creating a big future with a big pattern!

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