IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024

Design of Faith into Life

Design of Faith into Life
Winner of 2022 Innovation Prize

Design of Villa Space



Design by Shanghuai Lin

Well-known designer
Founder/Design Director of LSH DESIGN Lin Shanghuai Design Office and Shengqi Kaishang Decoration
Lin Shanghuai has experienced the development and changes of China's interior design industry for more than 20 years. He focuses on the design of private houses, attaches importance to the echo of the interior space and the exterior environment, does not stick to a specific style, and is not restricted by limited space. His design is people-oriented, and respects the harmonious coexistence of men’s life and the natural environment.
He follows the concept of ‘design of the warmth’, adopts empathy, responsibility and mission, wins the trust of the owners, endows sustainable vitality to space, and to maximize the artistic aesthetics and practical functions. He is good at different styles of design language to create a warm space design.
First Prize of NetEase The Happy Family Design Contest 2018
The Best Design of the 9th Nest Award for Villa Space
The Best Design of the 11th Zhu Rong Award Competition
The Gold Award of the 15th Huading Awards for Villa Space
Gold Award of 2019 Asia Pacific Space Design Competition for Residential Space
The best design of 2020 Rayli Home Design Award
China's Top 10 Interior space designer of 2020 Futian Cup
The excellent design for furnishing art of the 16th Gold Bund Award
National Space Aesthetics Award of China Interior Design Championship
Specially-appointed architectural design consultant of the People's Government of Futian District, Shenzhen
2020 PChouse Private House Design Awards Annual Villa Design Award
The International Innovative Design Award for Villa and Luxury Space of the 7th French GPDP Award
The 8th Zhongzhuang Cup National College Student Environmental Design Competition·the jury
The 9th Golden Creative Space International University Student Space Design Competition·Invited Professor
Specially-appointed expert of Mars Times Education Interior Design
Institute·Villa Mansion Design Expert
International Pioneer Design Award of IDPA AWARD International Pioneer Design Award for Villa Space
The International Innovative Design Award for Villa Space of the Italy IIDA International Design Award
2021 China Ten Jianfang Actual Competition & Mango Award·Invited Jury member
2021 Triwing Bird|Cassard "Black Label Design Alliance" Creation Camp·Invited Jury member

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