IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024

JiuWei Japanese Cuisine

JiuWei Japanese Cuisine
Winner of 2021 Prize

Design of Character Award


As traditional Japanese culture is more and more widely accepted, Japanese food stores are also increasing. In order to be different from traditional Japanese food stores, traditional Japanese culture is not fully presented in the creation of dining atmosphere, but integrated through the use of materials and design innovation, so as to break the traditional image of Japanese food stores.
In the space cleverly use modelling partition wall to carry on the space cutting, the formation of multiple spatial levels of feeling, in the function, has both open space and a certain privacy, so as to meet the needs of different groups of people. It can be a solo tasting or a group of people eating carnival.

Japanese traditional culture and design aesthetics pay attention to "wabi-sabi" "object sorrow" "spirit" "deep and mysterious", and the impression given by Japanese cuisine is also like this. In the process of realizing differentiation, it also integrates elements of traditional Japanese culture, such as classic wood grille and paper elements and Japanese landscape, so that diners can feel the traditional Japanese culture and blend with modern design.
At the entrance of the restaurant, a Japanese landscape with Zen spirit is set up, hoping that diners can separate themselves from the bustle of the shopping mall and calm down to enjoy the food. The design of the open sushi bar presents the cooking techniques and process of food to diners, and also Narrows the distance between the restaurant and diners. While highlighting Japanese culture, add materials with light sense properties, enhance the contrast between light and shade, and improve the quality sense and tonality of the whole space.

Design by Ding FEi

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