IIDA Award Italy 2022

2. Character Award

Spatial Emotions Trigger Creative Sparks Design for Botong Investment Office
Winner of 2021 Prize

Design of 2. Character Award


Project Area:1000 m²
Project Year:2020.9
Project Location: Beijing
AFFD design, led by GAO Zhiqiang explores the influence of the space design on user’s emotions and behavior patterns, and makes the space scene trigger people's emotions gradually. BOTONG INVESTMENT Company, occupying nearly 1000 square meters with 180 degree wide angle of vision, BOTONG INVESTMENT would like to present a professional and rigorous attitude to the clients and employees through the office environment, so interior architect Gao Zhiqiang was invited to design for their new office.

Seven middle panel walls with two-side glass walls divides the long strip space into several different functional areas, including CEO room, investment department, front desk, conference room and the VIP meeting room. When 2.3-meter-wide entrance glass door slides open slowly, a hand-made sculptural brass front desk could catch your eyes when you first step into the space. CEO room is free from the inherent shackles, designed as a transparent office providing conversation area for two people and up to five people. There is no barrier and partition between each other, so as the communication between the boss and employees.In the larger multi-functional area, the arrangement of the furniture was the same way as decorated in the CEO room. Employees were flexible to talk and sit here. The furniture could be moved and the space could be upgraded for parties or road shows. The tea room is designed as a stylish independent island, creating a relaxing tea break area in a tight and busy office environment.
In the project of BOTONG INVESTMENT, the nature of the company determines the emotions shall be conveyed by the space. As a designer, the founder of spatial emotion design, Gao Zhiqiang is specialized in observing the relationship between the space and space users, insight in balance the individual and entirety, applying colors, lights, sounds, smell, feelings and size to create a work full of humanistic care, temperature emotions, to make the users shape the space and also be shaped by the space at the same time.


JiuWei Japanese Cuisine
Winner of 2021 Prize

Design of 2. Character Award


As traditional Japanese culture is more and more widely accepted, Japanese food stores are also increasing. In order to be different from traditional Japanese food stores, traditional Japanese culture is not fully presented in the creation of dining atmosphere, but integrated through the use of materials and design innovation, so as to break the traditional image of Japanese food stores.
In the space cleverly use modelling partition wall to carry on the space cutting, the formation of multiple spatial levels of feeling, in the function, has both open space and a certain privacy, so as to meet the needs of different groups of people. It can be a solo tasting or a group of people eating carnival.

Japanese traditional culture and design aesthetics pay attention to "wabi-sabi" "object sorrow" "spirit" "deep and mysterious", and the impression given by Japanese cuisine is also like this. In the process of realizing differentiation, it also integrates elements of traditional Japanese culture, such as classic wood grille and paper elements and Japanese landscape, so that diners can feel the traditional Japanese culture and blend with modern design.
At the entrance of the restaurant, a Japanese landscape with Zen spirit is set up, hoping that diners can separate themselves from the bustle of the shopping mall and calm down to enjoy the food. The design of the open sushi bar presents the cooking techniques and process of food to diners, and also Narrows the distance between the restaurant and diners. While highlighting Japanese culture, add materials with light sense properties, enhance the contrast between light and shade, and improve the quality sense and tonality of the whole space.

Design by Ding FEi

Character Award 

Villa Mansion

King Louis


Work name: King Louis
Project location: Hongxing new town
Project area: 280 square meters
Decoration style: modern luxury
Designer: Tongliao branch of Liaoning Shifang design and Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd
Designer: Wang benchuan, design director


Design features:
Modern luxury style, simple and atmosphere free, in the hard design, warm color and gray are the main colors, and a large number of metal and thin line elements are used, emphasizing the sense of line and delicacy of the whole family. Exquisite furniture elements and clever use of color, but also make this home become a high-level full of feeling.
Living room and kitchen:
because the whole is warm, the soft part of the living room chooses a group of blue sofas as as ornaments, making a strong contrast to make the color of the whole space more distinct. The kitchen is semi open, and a semi transparent metal frame is made to make two spaces echo each other to a certain extent. An inverted table is designed as an area for eating simple meals. The formal dining room is under the stairs, belonging to the guest dining room in an area, and the dining room also selects a group of blue dining chairs as the contrast color.
Master bedroom:
it's equivalent to an open cloakroom and dresser connected to the bedroom. The bedroom makes an embedded decorative cabinet by using the space's mutual borrowing space. The overall feeling is consistent with metal edging. At the same time, the bedroom uses the floor to increase comfort.
Staircase on the second floor:
a wall washing lamp is made, with wall cloth on one side and wall plate on the other side as the contrast, which makes the staircase more bright and concise. A small concave sill is made in the main bedroom by borrowing a seat, and some decorations are placed to play the role of ornament.
large white tiles are selected, and some geometric shapes are cut in the wash basin to reflect the texture of the details. In the shower part of the toilet, a picture is selected on a separate wall. Large white tiles are matched with geometric pictures to create a different artistic atmosphere.
Second bedroom:
as the owner's daughter's room, some low saturation candy colors are used together with beige and gray to create an atmosphere with both girlish flavor and no emphasis on rendering, which looks warm and comfortable without too much jumping off.
the interior is divided into several areas according to the category of clothes, including hanging area, stacking area, underwear area, footwear area, etc. According to the size, primary and secondary, the different functional areas are arranged in a staggered way, so the space has the aura. Some glass doors are selected for the cabinet door to increase the transparency, and the lighting effect is aesthetic and practical.
Light luxury is based on the extremely simple style, abandoning some complex elements such as European style and French style, and replacing them with more concise and strong straight lines, such as choosing smooth door panel modeling, simple wall panel and so on without too much carving and decoration. It highlights the texture through some exquisite soft decoration elements, and also concentrates unexpected functions and details, thus highlighting a kind of High quality lifestyle.

Wang benchuan

(registered interior designer of National Decoration Association)
Started to learn art at the age of 8, and started to design in 2003
2004-2009 Beijing Zhonghai decoration designer
2009-2011 chief designer of Shanghai Golden Mantis decoration Hotel
2011-2013 Shanghai Zhixian decoration design director
2013-2017 FA designer of Beijing Longfa decoration (boss level designer)
2017-april 2019 bamboo stone decoration (shareholder) ancient wood and bamboo stone design center (founder)
April 2019 - present ShiFang decoration
Working time: 17 years
Design concept:
design is not only an art self travel, or a kind of sales tool. Design originates from making intelligent, sensitive, creative and powerful response to the changing needs of human beings, and it achieves organic unity with traditional culture, social economy and natural environment.
Representative works of case:
Beijing Junshan Golf Villa Shanghai lianjiang villa Changchun alboris Hotel (5 stars)
Nanjing Daji Hotel (holiday)
Changzhou GW Marriott (5 stars)
Shenyang happy song theme KTV
Shenyang Tiexi Zhonghai Shengjing Mansion
Shenyang Yuhong Biguiyuan diamond County
Shenyang Shenbei Longhu Xiangti stroll
2012 golden triangle interior design competition second prize of residential building interior design engineering
The 8th Golden Bund award of Yangtze River Delta interior design festival in 2012
Excellent works in the first Bauhaus college recruitment competition in 2017
"Creative organization of the year" of 2017 China interior industry selection activity
Gold Award for design works of apartment space design works at the sixth "love house Award" Design Summit in 2018
Green design in 2019 helps green development of China's home furnishing industry.

Character Award 

Catering Service

Aurora Restaurant – by Bin LIU


Project Name: Aurora Restaurant
Title: semicircle
Design time: March 2019
Design style: minimalist
Main materials: latex paint, terrazzo, metal plate
Construction area: 228 M2


In order to create an impressive "first impression" of Aurora restaurant and allow it to occupy a place in the hearts of local customers, customers know that the focus of the project is to provide high-quality and unique dishes and services in a charming and comfortable environment. The objective of this case is to create a space that echoes the owner's ambition to produce the best food and the most distinctive dishes.
If we say that under the premise of ensuring the design effect, the real cost saving is a great challenge for the whole restaurant design. The fundamental of dining space design is to solve the operating costs of restaurants and meet the dining needs of customers. In the design of the project, the reasonable layout of the restaurant space, the accurate use of decorative materials, customer behavior trajectory and other aspects, combined with restaurant operation considerations, really achieved the optimization of cost control and solved the high cost problem that the owners worried about.
First floor bar
In ancient China, the circle symbolizes eternity, so the whole bar area chooses arc shape as the main design element of this space, which also means that the restaurant can operate for a long time. The collocation of lamps and lanterns is creative, personalized, arched, geometric, artistic, chandelier, and colourful neon lights. When the night falls, the lantern lanterns will start, and the charming and dreamy neon will bring different visual experience for more diners. The design elements of mirror stainless steel are skillfully used on both sides of the bar to expand the sense of indoor space and bring strong visual impact to diners.
The bar chair uses two kinds of seat surface, which are Matt and bright, giving people the feeling of steadiness and elegance, bright and gorgeous, and embodies the humanized design. Provide convenience for more waiting customers.
Dining area 1 on the first floor
Space around the unified elements, from facade geometry to decorative painting, around the U-shaped throughout the space. Lavender and Eucalyptus are used as table flowers to add fragrance to this space and relieve the tension of customers at the same time.
Dining on the first floor of area 2
This space adopts arc shape as the main design element. The simple, warm and soft characteristics of wooden tables and chairs can be well supplemented with metal materials to make it more harmonious and effectively improve the design effect of the space. Chandelier as one of the elements of dining area can not be ignored, as the soul of the space, it carries not only the function of daily lighting, but also the decoration of the dining area. The inherent linear aesthetic feeling of geometric modeling deduces the connotation of minimalism, which makes it look fashionable without exaggeration, and shows the simplicity incisively and vividly.
Dining area 3 on the first floor
The wine culture, one of the selling points of the restaurant, is skillfully integrated into the round shape. In contrast to the red light in the background, the red light is more prominent in the background.
Dining area 1 on the second floor
Semicircle, derived from half. The so-called "half", that is, the interweaving of the new and the old, is the collision between the trend and the secular.
Dining area 2 on the second floor
The continuous semicircle, like a beating heart, is warm, fresh, full of vigor and vitality.
Dining area 3 on the second floor
In the shape design, the arc not only brings the visual softness, but also dispels the sharpness when dividing different areas. When the appropriate proportion of the arc becomes a consistent element of space, whether in the division of space, or simple decorative form, will bring a unified artistic quality to the space. Modern orange seats add a touch of light to the dining area.
Dining area 4 on the second floor
Each piece of art is the result of careful selection. In the space dominated by gold and red, geometric black dining chairs inject some embellishment into the space.
Dining area 5 on the second floor
The artistic ornaments with smooth lines, namely Apollo sculpture of Apollo, make the space full of artistic atmosphere.
stair case
The whole color terrazzo floor of the space is like a canvas to set off the fire like enthusiasm of the space. The waterfall type chandelier is hung down from the second floor and flows like water, forming the golden red color of the space like fire, which is half water and half fire. After the combination, you will find that it is a "light" word, just like life, not blindly advance, not blindly retreat, is both enthusiastic like fire, and calm as water, advance and retreat in a certain degree.

Liu Bin

Character Award 

Hotel Catering Service

Shenyang Xiangjie music string bar – by Bin LIU

Top 10



Project Name: Shenyang Xiangjie music string bar
Project location: Lingkong 2nd Street, Tiexi District, Shenyang
Main materials: black gold flower stone, champagne gold stainless steel, simulation green plant
Construction area: 300 square meters
Chief designer: Liu Bin


A string bar with music, food and wine is enough to make you linger. Meet Shenyang Xiangjie music string, give you a special dinner experience.
In my impression, it has always been a great thing. It is the warmth of the homeless and the distance of the settlers. We may have all had such a night, the chaos of the stalls, fireworks rising from the kebab, in the lively smell, we toasted, abandoned the real life, talked about life and ideal.
Walking into the music string of Xiang street is like being in a literary and artistic Holy Land isolated from the outside. The warm yellow light is just right, the subtle decoration and the interlaced lights are all full of romance.
When I saw the real photos, I felt very tall. There was wood on it. I wanted to take photos and punch in my friends circle. I even wanted to drink while drinking. Hi, there was Muyou in the morning?
Marine elements have always been the theme of string bar. The bar adopts the old boat wood model as the design element, and the restaurant is interspersed with large and small marine peripheral ornaments to echo the theme. The lighting and shadow of the creative wall lamps on both sides of the LED screen in the stage area present a spray shape, which makes diners in a light and shadow dining atmosphere, bringing different light and shadow experience. The overall lighting of the restaurant is mainly warm light. The warm color light source makes people feel warm, appetizing and comfortable. It can enhance customers' desire and appetite. It can create an atmosphere with spotlights, which can enhance the sense of hierarchy of space and enrich the visual space of restaurant design.
Dining area
Dining area, this space is a communication space, the main lighting setting is to achieve a relaxed and emotional atmosphere. Therefore, it adopts the combination of diffuse lighting and local lighting to create, bringing the overall soft light feeling, and then providing local key display for the artwork. The overall lighting adopts Candle Chandelier with hierarchical structure and unique aesthetic vision to light up the comfort and art of space.
In order to retain customers and create a better dining experience, catering practitioners must face the subject. Therefore, pinzhu design adds 3D holographic projection to the dining area design, so that diners can enjoy the delicious kebab and feel the wonderful three-dimensional visual feast at the same time. Considering that there will be lovely princesses as part of the tourist source, in order to attract more online celebrities to take photos, this space design is also very attentive. Exquisite purple tone chandelier and uneven ice strip lamp belt, creative glass chandelier in the water grass, Flower Foil appears more emotional.
Wine shelf area
The strong modern metal style of the champagne gold stainless steel wine rack is warmly welcomed by the fashionable people. With the use of the luminous light belt, this space has a little more fashion sense.
Feature of furnishings
Simulation green plants into this space, it looks so lifelike and charming, adding more artistic atmosphere to the space.

Liu Bin

Character Award 

Top 10 of 2020


2020's Best

Ying RUI

Ms. Ruiying is dedicated to simple and creative design. She has unique views on international fashion culture, and constantly breaks through the traditional aesthetic principles. Her works cover interior and soft design and other fields. Each work is unique and unique, and presents a new development direction in the field of interior space aesthetics. The essence of design is not only to conform to the popular trend in material and modeling, but also to love life and move at will, combining the artistic appearance with the technical inside, until the coexistence of aesthetics and practicality.
一Co founder & Design Director of Shanghai Guangying decoration consulting Co., Ltd
一Supervisor & Design Director of Wuxi Pinyuan Decoration Design Co., Ltd
一Member of interior design branch of China Architecture Society

Main honors

2019 International Innovation Design Award for space design category of GPDP AWARD model house of France double faced God

2019 gpdp Award International Innovation Design Award for villa space design of double faced God in France

In 2019, it won the top 100 influence design award of the sixth French double faced God International Design Award

Shenyang Yujingwan Model House Won The 2019 Zhu Rong Award For Best Works

Top100 Of m+ High-End Interior Design Grand Prix
Gold Award In 2018 China Architectural Decoration Golden Eagle Design Grand Prix
Honorable Mention In The 9th International Space Design Award Idea-Tops Shanghai Competition Area Model House Design
China Building Decoration Association 2018 Design Young Leader
Outstanding Winner Of Haier Smart Family Cup Interior Design Championship Shanghai Division
Project Was Shortlisted In The Shanggao Cup China Interior Design Grand Prix
Office Building Project Of Redflag Printing & Dyeing Machinery Co.,Ltd. Was Shortlisted In China Interior Design Grand Prix
Shenyang Xinzhou Pujiangyuan Phase Ii Model House Project Was Shortlisted In China Interior Design Grand Prix
Shanggao International Health Club Project Was Listed In The Modern Decoration Newspaper
The Shanshui Lakeside Villa Project Was Listed In The Modern Home Newspaper

Agency Award 

Top 10 of 2020


2020's Best

Winnie‧ Zhng Yun

Senior Interior Architect of China Building Decoration Association, one of the Top Ten Most Original Designers in Chinese Building Decoration Industry, Master of Interior Design of Shenyang Jianzhu University; went to ESLAP for further study in 2014; founded Beijing Jingyun Decoration Engineering Design Co., Ltd. in 2006.
Graduated from Eastern Liaoning University Department of Environmental Art in 2001; Founded Beijing Jingyun Decoration Engineering Design Co., Ltd. in 2006; Enrolled in Shenyang Jianzhu University to study Interior Design in 2012; Started further study in ESLAP in 2014.

Achievements and Honors
Senior Interior Architect of China Building Decoration Association;
Chairman of Beijing Jingyun Decoration Engineering Design Co., Ltd.;
Master of Interior Design of Shenyang Jianzhu University.
2019 U.S.A Design Award, The Fourth American International Innovation Design Competition, Character Award, Top 10 International Most Influential Designers in 2019;
2019 U.S.A Design Award, The Fourth American International Innovation Design Competition, Silver Award for Club Space;
2019 U.S.A Design Award, The Fourth American International Innovation Design Competition, International Innovative Design Award for Club Space;
2019 U.S.A Design Award, Communication Ambassador of the Fourth Sino-US International Design Exchange Exhibition in 2019; won the honorary certificate issued by the US government.
Top Ten Most Original Designers in Chinese Building Decoration Industry (the club space category);
Won the Golden Diamond Award for the club space category in the International Environmental Art Innovation Design Competition;
Won the Award for Space Design in the 2019 Sixth GPDP Award;
Obtained the title of 2019 TOP 100 International Influential Innovative Designers in the 2019 Sixth GPDP Award. Style and Philosophy
Zheng Yun’s design contains a strong traditional Chinese culture. Further study in Paris enables Zheng Yun to have a deep understanding of western culture, so her works are full of lots of beautiful interpretations which she applies in interior design.
Differences between Eastern and Western cultures often bring new ideas to Zheng Yun. With brand-new regional culture and local lifestyles forming differences in design, she has constantly dug out and sublimated regional features so as to inject new power into the design and create lively works.
Currently, Zheng Yun mainly specializes in the design of high-end projects such as business and resort hotels, entertainment spaces, dining spaces, villas and mansions.

Professional Award -- GOLD 

Design of Model Room

JINYU GALAXY DANTI Showroom – by Steven Li


Project Time: Sep. 2019
Project Completed: May 2020
Size: 558 m²
Materials: Silver paint, terrazzo, artistic glass, marble, wood, leather


A Glimpse of Spring, a Sip of Tea, Enjoy the Moment of Fine Life
In this project, SEPD team breaks through the former design threads and goes beyond the boundary of “styled” spatial art. Overall design approach aims at presenting the integration of space art and diversity. We believe that the contemporary villa life contains classical elegance, urban elements, thoughts of Zen, visual texture perception and Sino-West cultural blend. There is a poetry from the Chinese well-known poet LI Qingzhao, saying“Why would I struggling getup and sharing my tea to others? Just lie down in my cozy cushion with a book on hand, enjoy the outside courtyard view in the shower of rain.” Imagine when you are pouring a pot of tea, the gleaming water is just grasped in your hand, simultaneously you are surrounded by tea aroma. What a chilling atmosphere right here in the Tea Room.
There is another poetry says“I used to bet with my friend in the tea room, our clothes were infused with tea aroma. Now whenever I am sitting here, memories bring back to the old time happiness.” So in this project, we extended the classic interior color design idea from Song Dynasty, which is color beige going with reddish brown. Meanwhile, we care for the way of artwork texture and display. We strive to connect traditional art with modern elegant touch.
In this space, we designed the whole wall panel filling with different sizes of tea cups, which reveals the spirits of humanity art, and creates a leisure mood.
We collaborate the natural light, a vintage round-backed armchair and background wall with carved calligraphy.
The texture of marble reflects the spirits of traditional culture and contemporary elements, Chinese style is always the icon of this project.
Lining the China paper, grinding the ink and ready for the handwriting, is exactly the daily routine of the home owner.
Embrace the diversity, happiness, and comfort of life, no matter how time flies.
Living Room in the 1st floor embodies the interaction among traditional culture and modern classic. We don’t believe the boundaries of different styled elements; we believe there is a coexistence possibility thus this project is a positive try.
In this project, the overall styling mixes elegance and art into a sleek and simple concept. We believe that even the color scheme expresses a positive attitude towards life.
We designers put the sense of ceremony running through the dining room design concept. Interior decoration including decorative paintings, Chinese style dining chairs and western cutlery is just a perfect combo of eastern and western culture.
The living room design on Ground Floor seems simple and straightforward, however as detail-oriented designers we integrate the passion of life in each corner of the space. For example, the florid color of pillow in creamy color sofa makes the space much more active and relaxing.
In the Master Room, we prefer more natural style here. We create a calm and chilling atmosphere here in the Master Room.
Decoration matters a lot, details speak for the home owner.
In this project, we implement the combination of Eastern and Western culture. We believe that even modern villa life cannot get rid of the traditional art. Thus, we integrate Tea Room, Calligraphy Room, Meditation Room into modern interior design. We care the daily function of space as well as the beauty of art, we are trying to provide a cozy and classic home for our client.

Steven Li

New designer after 85 of Li Chao
Co founder / creative director of Shenzhen shengyiwen Design Co., Ltd
Member of China Architectural Society
Member of interior design branch of Architectural Society of China
Partner of Shenzhen Hebi Architectural Design Co., Ltd
Partner of wedisgn studio
The most popular Chinese designers in Hurun Design Forum 2018
List of top 10 outstanding young people in China's decoration design industry in 2018
2018-2019 interior design "Chinese interior design annual cover figure" of the Chinese version of interior design of the United States. With the design concept of "Humanistic restraint and symbiotic future", he explores the subtle connection between humanity, creativity and life, so as to create a high level with emotional resonance
Quality space is ideal. His unique design methodology is to experience the balance and freedom of design in the two extreme states, sometimes pure and pure, sometimes passionate and relaxed.

"Gpdp Award" 2019
International Innovation Design Award of soft decoration space design;
"Gpdp Award" 2019
International Innovative Design Award for real estate space design;
2019 Sino US international design and culture exchange exhibition
American International Innovation Design Award
Silver Award for real estate space;
2019 Sino US international design and culture exchange exhibition
American International Innovation Design Award
Silver Award in soft decoration space category;
2019 Sino US international design and culture exchange exhibition
Figure Award of American International Innovation Design Award
Top 10 international most influential designer of the year;
APDC Asia university interior design elite Invitational award 2019
(Silver Award);
2014 40underer40 Guangdong annual Designer Award
2019 Shenzhen Interior Architectural Design Industry Association
Member of the Preparatory Committee of the young designers Committee;
Member of Shenzhen interior architectural design industry association in 2019
Interior design (Chinese Edition)
"China interior design annual cover character";
The third Sino US international design and culture exchange exhibition 2018
American International Innovation Design Award
Silver Award for real estate space;
The third Sino US international design and culture exchange exhibition 2018
American International Innovation Design Award
Silver Award for villa and luxury house;
Sino US international design and culture exchange exhibition 2018
Figure Award of American International Innovation Design Award
Top 10 international influential Designer Award of the year;
"Gpdp Award" international design award 2018
Global image ambassador;
Top 20 young interior design areas of China in 2018;
The list of top ten outstanding young people in China's decoration and design industry in 2018;
2018 40underer40 China (Shenzhen) design outstanding youth (2018-2019);
2018 Sina dreamer City honor elite art design tour exhibition
City honorary elite;
In 2018 Hurun design forum, the post-80s generation are the most popular Chinese designers;
Gold Award of Sida Singapore interior design award 2017-2018;
2017 "gpdp Award" French double faced God
Silver Award of International Space Design Award;
2017 "gpdp Award" French double faced God
International Space Design Award - International Innovation Design Award
2017 gpdp Award - Silver Award
2017 gpdp award France double faced God International Space Design Award - International Innovation Design Award
London Design Awards 2017 Silver Award for international residential space
2017 APDC Asia Pacific Interior design elite Invitational Award (Silver Award)
Top 10 works of Chinese outstanding Mesozoic interior designers in 2017
2017 cotton China Design Award - 2017 Interior Design Award
2017 display China - jingqilin Award - Excellence Award of space display aesthetics Award
2017 International Ecological Design Award - best ecological model house design nomination Award
Class 1 excellent award of the 5th China Furnishing Art Design Competition 2017
Silver Award of innovation design in the 5th China Furnishing Art Design Competition 2017
Outstanding villa designer of 2016-2017 China new commercial and tourism real estate design annual meeting
2016-2017 Asia Pacific Interior design elite Invitational Competition - model room space Award
2016 APDC Asia Pacific Interior design elite Invitational Competition
2016 home furnishing design competition - Bronze Award for residential space design
2016 CIID 4th China Furnishing Art Works Invitational Competition (Guangdong Province) innovation category - Best Design Award
Best design award of innovation category in the 4th China Furnishing Art Works Invitational Competition (Shenzhen area) in 2016 CIID
2016 Jintang award annual selection of China Interior Design - annual excellent model room / Sales Office Design
The second prize of innovation design in the 4th China Furnishing Art Works Invitational Competition
Best design award of space design in the 4th China Furnishing Art Works Invitational Competition
Best design award of innovation design in the 4th China Furnishing Art Works Invitational