IIDA Award Italy 2022

Interior design of Yuzhen Enterprise Management Co., Ltd, building 5, phase II of Rongxin Greenland
Winner of 2021 GOLD Prize

Design of Cultural Office


Interior design of Yuzhen Enterprise Management Co., Ltd, building 5, phase II of Rongxin Greenland
The function of this project is positioned as a high-end training institution. The 10th floor is part of the training activity space, and the 11th floor is the core management office space of the institution. The project contains multiple demands for space, hoping that the space is open, free, pioneering, and takes shared communication as the core. Meanwhile, the management office space and reception space need to satisfy their relative independence and sense of ceremony. Because of the characteristics of the courses taught by the training institutions, the design incorporates the Chinese traditional cultural temperament into the modern space. The 10th floor is a training space, and each classroom is like an independent module, with a deep understanding of the characteristics of teaching activities, and using a trapezoidal space. There is a relatively quiet reading corner between each independent module. The classrooms are arranged in the outer circle with good light, enclosing the multifunctional shared space in the middle, in which various activities can be conducted. The general service counter is placed in the central section, which serves the shared space from all directions. The 11th floor is the core management space, and the front desk and background of the entrance incorporate the connotation of traditional astrological culture. The left and right areas respectively are an open shared office area and an independent and quiet business reception area. The two layers of space are responsible for different functions, looking for a certain difference in spatial temperament, but the logic and cultural symbols of the entire space are inherently continued. The contents in the spiritual layer are taken from the Chinese traditional culture, which is not stuck to specific traditional symbols. In the space, there are cultural images such as "floating clouds", "flowing water", "stars", "ripples", and "ferry boats", expressing the user's inner spiritual pursuits of "quietness", "elegance", "education" and "dissemination" to people.

Design by JiangChen & ShiXuyan