IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024


Winner of 2022 Innovation Prize

Design of Catering Service


. Since the beginning of the 19th century, the evolution of bars has a long and tortuous history. All kinds of designs are different, but if you want to create a bar culture that deeply touches people's hearts and satisfies consumers' demands, you must inject soul into the space in combination with consumers' potential spiritual needs. As a cocktail bar with molecular liquor as its main content, GIN Bar has shown us a new space with both historical background and new attitudes. At GIN, you can feel the rebirth in the twilight of the dawn, and also taste the depth of history, entering a journey of immersion that seems like an eternity. Space design is the most direct way to reflect the bar culture and create sensory experience. The information transmitted by external forms can always be captured visually at the first time. The main building structure of GIN Bar is full of simple texture, which is inspired by the rich masonry, ceramic components and arch structures in Etruscan architecture. The Etruscans in ancient Rome can be called the heyday. Now thousands of years have passed by. Although the Etruscans civilization has gone, the amazing glimpse presented in the GIN bar is enough to let us glimpse the warm and prosperous era, and feel the vitality and bright sunshine of ancient Roman civilization in the early morning. The atmosphere of civilization origin hovers on the inner wall and top of the bar, and the silent environment and solemn stone statues write a few words for us in the vast history. Art Deco's unique beauty of lines, symmetrical and simple geometric composition and mottled stone walls have brought us back to that ancient era, adding more charm when we think about it. The bar counter in the center is simple and elegant with streamline shape, and the scattered candles create an atmosphere of leisure and elegance. The bar counter is closely connected with the stone column in design, which not only shows the visual beauty, but also reflects the structural tightness, making up for the sense of emptiness in the space. Candlelight and top spotlights, as atmosphere lighting, add more mystery and melancholy to the night. The arc top shape and stone columns polish the details to the extreme. The surface touch of granite and the symmetrical texture effect bring an irreplaceable sense of simplicity and beauty. The handmade coarse ceramic brick wall is matched with the stucco coating with texture. The sense of space impact that is solemn and does not lose its emotional appeal is spreading. When the traces of time turn into new life, GIN Bar wakes up every inch of space with simple and natural power. The ancient heritage and new culture coexist, creating a space of restraint but full of exploration spirit. Across time and space, linking the ancient and modern, and honoring the ancient culture has always been the constant theme of GIN. Taste delicious wine and food in the time, and start a classic tour with a cocktail.

Design by Yixi Liu

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