IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024

Buke Zhenwei Restaurant

Buke Zhenwei Restaurant
Winner of 2022 Innovation Prize

Design of Catering Service


All things in nature change constantly, and all things work naturally in silence and invisibility. The "circulation" is just the law of the natural world that "never fails, and the world is also". What the circle conveys is a kind of "nothing" and "eternity" in the geometric sense. The circle has no sharp edges and corners, and is even regarded as a hollow ring. Such a simple existence has no end, no beginning, and endless cycles. This case is located on the north side of Qingdao Jiaodong Airport. The inspiration of the designer comes from the expression of Taoist thought that "those who follow the nature, in the method, in the circle, and in the circle, those who get the circle get the charm of nature". The design technique adopts the plane composition method of Mondrian, presenting his ideas perfectly in the inner and outer space. The whole space uses a large number of circular and arc lines, different color blocks divide different spaces naturally, without edges or corners, which is natural and smooth. The flow is easy to shape, and will last forever. There are not many soft decorations in the space. Only a large area of golden wheat is gorgeous in one corner, forming its own aura. Follow the white steps to the second floor. The long corridor uses natural colors and slow down the natural pace. In the private rooms on the second floor, a small area of red is used, and the rest are mostly warm gray latex paint walls and teak veneer, with stainless steel decorative top surface. A variety of curved and straight lines contrast to outline the space shape, create a three-dimensional space effect, present a progressive sense of hierarchy, and create an elegant and natural atmosphere. The designer's expression in this case relies on Mondrian's new stylism, uses a large number of lines and colors, takes the circle as the abstract theme, and expresses the everlasting love. The successful use of art shows philosophy in space, so that visitors can experience the double beauty of sight and taste.

Design by Jiao Yan(Mary)

lecturer of the Department of Environmental Design, School of Art, Qingdao University of Science and Technology, majoring in interior space design and interior furnishings design. Member of Shandong Female Calligraphers Association. master's degree. The design works have won the third prize in the first college art teachers and students' basic skills competition in Shandong Province; Excellent Award of Shandong Art College Art Competition; Excellent Award of the Second Taishan Women's Calligrapher's Works Exhibition; Excellent Award of "2011 China South Korea Modern Advertising Poster Design Competition"; The design works were selected for the exhibition of Sungkyunkwan University in South Korea. 2018 Calligraphy works will participate in "Spring Tide - 2018 Paris Art Exhibition".

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