IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024

Erika·5th-generation showroom

Erika·5th-generation showroom
Winner of 2022 SILVER Prize

Design of Commercial Space


GNOC is a comprehensive interior space and soft furnishing services design agencies. After 6 years of development, GNOC has become a multi-dimensional, integrated design brand, hoping to inject“Life” into its space through aesthetic and professional design, to create a comfortable and flexible space for customers.
As a full-house bespoke home brand, Erika is--. . The product itself is the object that is concerned, also is the main body that constructs the space. “Return to the source, balance and co-existence” is the core idea of this agreement is the consensus of both sides, and is carried out by the design of the story and concept to the space and echo and resonance.
Source and flow (moving line)
From the overall dynamic of the exhibition hall gives it a unique thinking. A consistent hyphenated motion becomes a flexible and complete footnote: Never Go to the end, never go to a dead end. Then through the light and height of the precise grasp and flexible borrowing, the final outline of the overall space and charm.
Congenial (local space)
As the display area of the whole house custom-made brand, it is no longer a simple product display, but a surprise blind box with integrity and personality built by all kinds of products, connecting with each other to produce harmonious blending effect, bring the overall“Sense of experience” to customers. The whole is based on“Home” as the carrier, the screen between the dining room and the living room, the living room with the function of storage and display function, the infinite possibilities in the dining room cabinet, the competition room is private but not isolated, etc.
Unbounded (a combination of hard and soft)
With the product and the link between the space to achieve a more complete concept of the residence, benefit from the brand side modeling can do“Undefined custom.”. It represents inclusiveness and respect for design, moving beyond mass and cost, responding to the essence of design in a rational way that solves problems and dissolves boundaries. For example, Entryway's curved doors, after numerous calculations and experiments to get the proportion of the final landing by Erika products, for example, designers used to first soft-installed as the main body before the counter-push cabinet configuration, also needs this kind of refined whole house customization to realize.
Break through (thinking and looking forward to the custom-made industry)
The past decade has been a“Golden age” for the whole house customisation industry, with rapid expansion of the industry, the dominance of cabinet pieces, the formalisation of customisation processes and the pursuit of functionality. Now it is entering the“Platinum Age”, for the brand requires more specialized refinement and integration, the pursuit of both function and aesthetic. Erika is typical.
Product collocation scheme, new product development, from Exhibition Hall 5.0 to 6.0, product upgrade, aesthetic upgrade, experience upgrade, this is the future of co-authoring with Erika the evolution of the whole house customisation industry and the way it works with this “Design + product”.


GNOC We advocate the integration of design and construction, and eventually create exquisite and pure art space for customers. We interpret life in the most natural and clear way. The design thinking of "making hard decoration solid and making soft decoration as the focus of space" provides all-round and multilateral services for major owners.

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