IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024


Winner of 2022 SILVER Prize

Design of Cultural Space


T" stands for the catwalk runway, Times era, and Talent talents. Through the letter T, the designer combines the industrial attributes of the clothing group, the talent incubation function of the creative industry park and the goal of reshaping the new image of the times. Create two fashionable T series cultural and creative parks: T TIME and T CAT. As the headquarters of Shanghai Garment Group, T TIME is dignified and calm. The facade is decorated with silver-gray curved metal fabrics, which makes the appearance of the building very textured, and the curved design makes the building look smart. The reception lobby and the waiting area of ​​each building area are presented with irregular geometric shapes, similar to a clothing cutting model, which not only highlights the industry attributes but also sets off a fashionable atmosphere. At the same time, the large area of ​​log color gives people a warm and natural sense of relaxation. In terms of the overall layout, the designer designs each floor with independent cultural connotations, giving different fashion flavors: Shanghai, New York, London, Milan, Paris. T CAT's inspiration mainly comes from "cats": maverick, full of curiosity, high cold and mysterious, the elements of cats can be seen everywhere: building facades, interior walls, stairwells. . . . . . Or enchanting, or elegant, or mysterious, or cold. In addition to the cat element, it also reflects the attributes of the clothing industry: fashion, ties, scissors, sewing machines, buttons, etc., to create a "fashion, trend, avant-garde, personality, freedom" boutique space as a whole.

Design by Nan Lee & Fanghao Wu

Nan Lee is the founder and design director of L&D Interior Design, Shanghai and was invited to be the designer of Shanghai Dragon TV's "Dream Transformer". She graduated from Chelsea College of the London School of Art with a master's degree in "Interior and Space Design". She is the senior interior designer of China Interior Decoration Association (CIDA), member of International Interior Design Association (FIF), IRIDA International Senior Registered Interior Designer. After working for many years, Nan Lee has completed many excellent works, and the design awards he has won include: American Muse Platinum Award, American AIIDA Gold Award, American TITAN Property Gold Award, Japan IDPA Gold Award, French NDA Office Winner, French GPDP Gold Award, French DNA Office Winner, Italian A' Design Award Gold Award, North American GPD Design Award Gold Award, IAI Global Design Award Gold Award, Aidin Award 2021-2022 Gold Award, Huading Award 2020-2021 Golden Diamond Award, APDC Asia Pacific Interior Design 2020 Outstanding Design Award, Jintang Award 2020 Outstanding Office Space Design, Hongding Award Villa Gold Award, Asia Pacific Space Design Grand Prix won "Top 10 Most Influential Designers", Gold Award of China Display Art Design Competition, BEST 100 Interior Design Award, EDIDA International Design Award,(Asia) Design Innovation Conference "Golden Tile Award", 40UNDER40 National Overall List-China Design Outstanding Youth Award, works selected in "2018 China Interior Design Yearbook"...

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