IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024


Winner of 2022 Innovation Prize

Design of Residential Housing


GLORY MANSION is located in the north of Fengxian District of Shanghai, surrounded by built residential areas, with a rich living atmosphere. The overall planning of the project adopts the design concept of "one axis, one belt and two cores". In the middle of the place, a community life axis is built in combination with a public passage, which echoes the community activity land on the east side. In the northwest corner, a community landscape core is built in combination with the urban landscape and the river channel on the north side. In the southeast corner, a community vitality core is built in combination with a public activity space. A landscape belt running through the north and south connects the two cores. The whole project is divided into two sub districts, North and south. The community life axis between the two sub districts distributes community spaces with multiple functions such as community schools, fitness points and community canteens. In combination with the community life axis, independent pedestrian entrances and exits are set in the two districts. Within the project, the spacing between buildings is optimized through refined design, so that each building has better landscape resources. The interaction between the whole community and urban blocks is strong, which also ensures the privacy within the community and creates a city friendly community. The project adopts the public building facade design method, focusing on vertical lines, emphasizing the upright and upward feeling of the building, and showing the modernism design aesthetics. The large lines of the building facade are made of aluminum plates, which make the lines more neat and straight and have a higher sense of quality.

Design by PTArchitects

Shanghai PTArchitects was founded in 2003. It is a founding member of the Chinese organization of PT DESIGN, a foreign-funded architectural design brand in China, and a Chinese partner of the world-renowned design brand Australia PT DESIGN Co., Ltd. After more than ten years of development, Shanghai PTArchitects has nearly 1,000 elites in the design industry in China, with divisions in Chengdu, Beijing, Nanjing, Hangzhou and Wuhan. With its continuous innovation ability, Shanghai PTArchitects has become an outstanding solution design company in the industry. In the tide of urban development in China, Shanghai PTArchitects and its partners adhere to the design concept of "design leads life, construction realizes ideals", and jointly Create beautiful city business cards and livable communities. Shanghai PTArchitects focuses on the professional services of high-end urban development products. In the fields of architectural design, landscape design, interior design, etc., based on the principle of "innovation, quality, and service", it is committed to working hand in hand with well-known urban developers in the world and China—— "Design, lead a better life". At present, on the basis of becoming a leader in high-end quality residential design in the field of urban development, Shanghai PTArchitects pays more attention to the design and operation of large-scale urban commercial complexes, the green energy-saving and healthy development of 5A-level offices, and the humanized design of five-star hotels. , Planning and design of characteristic towns, urban renovation, and renewal of historical and cultural buildings. Shanghai PTArchitects is committed to comprehensively and meticulously understanding the owner's needs in the design process, with a high degree of originality and rich experience in quality projects, to increase the premium rate of products, and by providing customers with comprehensive and professional comprehensive solutions and excellent design Service experience, establish close cooperation and continuous mutual trust relationship with owners. Shanghai Porto's current partners include well-known global and domestic developers, such as: Vanke Real Estate, Greenland Group, Gemdale Group, Poly Group, China Merchants Shekou, China Overseas Properties, Longfor Properties, Sunac China, China Resources Land, Yanlord, China Jinmao, Tahoe Group, Seazen Holdings, CIFI Group, China Railway Construction, China Metallurgical Group, Beijing Capital Land, Zhengrong Group, Ronshine Group, Blu-ray Real Estate, etc., the design business has spread all over the country in 28 provincial-level administrative regions, nearly Hundreds of cities.

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