IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024

Sales Department of ASEAN Weining Cultural and Creative Center

Sales Department of ASEAN Weining Cultural and Creative Center
Winner of 2022 Innovation Prize

Design of Real Estate Sales


965 ㎡ experiential sales space in the cultural exhibition hall, integrating functionality into the artistic atmosphere!
Nanning is a leading city in the cooperation between China and ASEAN. The permanent host of the China ASEAN Expo is an important city card of Nanning.
Clarify the cultural heritage and development context of a city, and integrate its unique temperament into the indoor space.
Based on the characteristics of the city, taking the "maritime Silk Road" as the main line of inspiration and integrating Chinese cultural elements, we have launched endless ideas for the future of urban life in the beautiful place of the Sales Department of ASEAN Weining cultural innovation center.
The overall space of the sales department adopts an open-ended spatial layout, with all functional areas connected in one line, which is consistent with the open and inclusive communication concept of the "maritime Silk Road". The open space is simple, stretch, and free from all constraints, bringing people endless imagination.
Front room
Walking into the front room, you can see the winding river, which represents the ancient Silk Road with a long history and marks the beginning of the story. At the upper end of the river, the glass drop shaped Art Chandelier shines like rain nourishing the land along the "Haisi".
Sand table area
In the sand table area, the decorative wall of the "maritime Silk Road" road map made of glazed bricks is eye-catching and artistic, and the countries along the line are displayed with magnificent red bricks; The artistic chandelier chooses the hibiscus flower shaped crystal lamp of Nanning, which echoes the road map of the "maritime Silk Road".
Sometimes Art Museum
Sometimes Art Museum, Chinese ink paintings and ASEAN artworks are displayed in the art museum.
When the guests wander in this small art museum, they can feel the endless meaning and spirit of Chinese culture and the unique charm of Southeast Asian culture.
The landscape of the front room is included in the corridor through the design method of borrowing the scenery. The light, scenery and charm blend here, and the virtual and real coexist. The simple lines outline the charm and tranquility of the East. Time seems to be slowed down.
Negotiation area
The warm materials and colors create a modern and simple space atmosphere in the negotiation area. The outdoor pool landscape is connected with the high-rise glass curtain wall as a whole.
Fully introduce the outdoor landscape and light into the interior, match the elegant and simple soft furnishings, and feel the flow of light and shadow and the flow of time within a square inch.

Design by Jiumentang (Shenzhen) International Design Co., Ltd

Jiumentang (Shenzhen) International Design Co., Ltd. is a diversified design company mainly engaged in architectural design, brand design, interior design, environmental landscape design, soft decoration design, exhibition design and construction, installation and production, covering the design of hotels, bars, hospitals, schools, exhibition halls, office buildings, exhibitions and other fields.
Jiumen hall has a professional senior design team with rich experience, love of design, development and innovation. It is good at overall integration and attentive service to provide overall solutions for space and give customers the ultimate design experience. It has made remarkable achievements in business design, cultural and creative design, exhibition design and other sectors, and has won important awards and nominations in many Grand Prix competitions at home and abroad.

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