IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024

Beijing Zhonghai Huanyu Vision Sales Center

Beijing Zhonghai Huanyu Vision Sales Center
Winner of 2021 GOLD Prize

Design of Real Estate Sales


Beijing Zhonghai Huanyu Vision Sales Center, from a new perspective of urban and residential life, constructs a space-time dream for people, so that our childhood fantasies about the future and expectations for the ideal life can come true in the current life and become an immediate reality within reach. The designer seeks inspiration from the "vast universe, deconstruction, flowing light and shadow", takes the "sense of the future" as the core, and tries to explore the artistic conception of space and architecture in the field of science fiction in the unknown field and create a unique sense of lightness and atmosphere.
In a white space with a strong sense of future science and technology, the streamlined reception desk is like a cosmic star ship.
The time tunnel on the second floor gradually shows the timeline and stories of Huanyu development.
Under the endless starry sky, there is a bright galaxy, reflecting above the sand table, creating an atmosphere full of flexibility and artistic sensibility.
The stars on the ceiling above the negotiation area are like pearls, inlaid under the sky, shining, soft and soothing.
Several blue planets run on the walls of the VIP lounge. Galaxy embellishment, soul leading dream, a happy home in the future. 。

Design by Shanghai GSD Interior design

Shanghai GSD Interior design Company is committed to the integrated service on interior design and product design for high-end real estate, including sales center and private club, commercial space and hotel, etc. The team has rich project experience and resources to independently develop the customer-made product line, and provides customized design strategies and solutions such as product research and development, soft decoration and display art, etc., so as to offer space aesthetics with ingenuity.

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