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Italy International Design Award 2024

zheng HOTPOT

zheng HOTPOT
Winner of 2022 SILVER Prize

Design of Catering Service


Zhengerbabai is no longer an ordinary hotpot shop, which has been upgraded to a real hotpot factory. Zhengerbabai Hot Pot Factory provides a factory level food safety guarantee+spacious factory experience guarantee + factory direct sales mode with more cost-effective guarantee. Therefore, the standardized and highly standardized operation mode must be established to implement stable output and maintenance in terms of food materials, base materials, oil dishes, services, environment, dishes and space appearance. Branding, chaining, collectivization and industrial chain are the ultimate goals of "Zhengerbabai Hot Pot Factory". The ultimate tenet of a factory is to concentrate on doing great things. Therefore, it is more accurate to use the concept of "factory" to carry on the business model of Zhengerbabai and the small target of 100 million yuan. In fact, each age has its own unique visual impression. When we recall the golden age of "factory", among the representative visual elements of that era, the source of inspiration for creating the original vision of "Zhengerbabai Hot Pot Factory" was found. Standard: Hot pot should be eaten free without constraint. [Figure: floor plan, showing the width of the bay and the height of the space, the comfortable distance between tables, and the richness of the table width and sitting width] The warm atmosphere of the hot pot banquet is doomed to be unsuitable for the sense of cramped space, which will reduce the length of stay and the sense of experience. Therefore, the width of the bay and the height of the space of Zhengerbabai Hotpot Factory shall be kept open as much as possible to improve the air mobility and ensure the comfort of customers. In addition, this design can also enable the warm dining atmosphere in the store to be presented to the geographical customers to a greater extent. After all, the best business atmosphere is popularity. The loose distance between the functional blocks of this design, the comfortable table spacing, the spacious table width and the sitting width all convey the business philosophy that the principal, Mr. Lei, adheres to-The comfortable dining environment can make customers feel comfortable, and only the comfortable eating environment can create a more comfortable dinner atmosphere. 2 Moving Line:Good food can be seen. [Figure: kitchen and open dining area] The experience of moving line - after entering the store, the first place to be displayed is the beverage area, which paves the atmosphere of ho ho da for the party; The open kitchen is facing the main dining area, so as to present the whole process of the meal to the users and create a clean, fresh, safe and reliable dining impression; At the same time, the open dining area is facing the second dining area, and the whole process of color, smell, and flavor of snacks, drinks, and desserts also allows users to see at a glance, thus effectively driving sales. The moving line of operation-Located between the main dining area and the second dining area, the kitchen area is like a middle island, which becomes the focus of the two dining areas. This design can also cover the dining and display of the two dining areas at the same time, saving service lines and improving efficiency. 3 Consumption scene: There are many ideas when eating at a party. It's better to eat hot pot in a such ‘factory’. In the design of space scene, the most representative sensory symbols in the word "factory" are extracted; And the scene symbols in the sense of retro, present and future times are drawn. All these make the whole space scene in different colors and materials collide with the unique tone of the integration of retro and trendy, so that the whole space scene is more recognizable. [Figure: Door head+back door] The external space - the front door - the back door, through restoring the scenes of the factory in the 1980s, such as restoring the old factory gate (the front door enters the factory), the old cinema (the back door leaves the factory), etc., the sense of ceremony for entering the factory at work and the sense of ease for leaving the factory after work are created and set off. [Figure: main dining area+kitchen] Internal space - operation room, the materials and elements required for the construction and management of modern food factories in the ISO quality certification system, such as stainless steel, warning line, exhaust fan matrix, are used for reference in the design of decoration, so that the "standardization" and "high standardization" of Zhengerbabai Hot Pot Factory can be visualized and expressed, thus creating a "factory area" scene of the super hot pot factory. [Figure: Family Area] The family area is our attempt to symbolize the life in the factory, hoping to express the real life atmosphere of that era with the family area.

Design by π BRAND

Pai, derived from the circumference ratio-π with the same pronunciation, which is a complete and mysterious symbol. In fact, this symbol has infinite extensibility behind it, which symbolizes the unlimited possibilities that the design of the Pai brand can bring to customers, and also means that although things cannot be perfect, they are infinitely close to the perfect vision. On the basis of adhering to the combination of international creativity and local culture, we have been committed to the use of visual design for a long time, thus forming a multi-disciplinary professional integration service team. For many years, the starting point of our design has mainly focused on the market and consumption perspective. Simple, clear and conceptual design means are used to help customers solve problems, and to find a suitable brand image and positioning in industries of the same nature, so as to form brand differentiation. In addition, resources are effectively and intensively used to develop their own characteristics. Before carrying out any project, we will carefully listen to and understand customers' needs and problems to avoid wasting decision-making costs. At the same time, we are well aware of the good intentions of clients. Therefore, we will also inform customers that needs and goals must be clearly designed. In addition, we have always regarded brand design as an investment behavior rather than a consumption behavior, which needs to achieve design value with a more reasonable budget.

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