IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024

Vanke Changzhou Zhenwan Hui

Vanke Changzhou Zhenwan Hui
Winner of 2022 SILVER Prize

Design of Model Room


Big canal bank, the future has to "famous the beijing-hangzhou grand canal from changzhou bell tower area quietly through the old town, adjacent to the south Wu Daqiao, vanke bay project, is located in the park and green belt park, in the pines, in the grand canal bank, in the old city, build livable community open chapter? We envision a layered order project state, because many famous gardens in the south of the Yangtze River are just located in the bank of the open landscape, borrowing the vision, shaping the retreat inside, cultural context, this should be a garden, but a modern garden.
Large area of warm colored stone, combined with simple and smooth line decoration around and neutral furniture soft decoration, is harmonious but not complicated. The floating structure at the bottom of the wall subtracts the sense of volume of the stone wall, and the soft decoration adds light and bright elegance. The balcony introduces sufficient natural light, which also provides the best view of the river outside the window. The partition sliding door forms a migratory moving line in the internal space. The functional space has both separation and visual connection. The streamline is free, which maximizes the use of space and makes the whole space full and smooth.
The seating surface in the dining room area continues to be bright and beautiful. The back is made of classic leather craftsmanship. The simple and neat lines outline the fashion art shape, which is set off against the modern abstract theme decorative painting on the wall.
The super standard master bedroom suite draws inspiration from the suite space design of boutique hotels. The large bay window is covered with white leather cushion, making it an elegant and comfortable corner sofa. In leisure time, you can sit by the window, read, make tea, be dazed, and return to life in the most original leisurely and comfortable way.
The design style of the second bedroom is the same as that of the master bedroom. The small space area brings more privacy and warmth, and at the same time, it is exquisite and elegant.
The bedside background wall of the children's room is made of cylindrical leather soft bags, combined with black and white lattice diamond pattern bed covers and cool fashion play devices, to demonstrate the rhythm and rhythm unique to young people in this space.
The open lattice of the desk and vintage copper brings a retro and fashionable atmosphere to the study. The decorative wall paintings with Hermes brand elements are full of dynamic black and white lines, breaking the dull space and making it a place of inspiration.

Design by Maudea Design Studio

Founded by Wally Mau in Shanghai in 2011, MAUDEA design is a diversified design experience partner design firm, committed to providing international interior, home, commercial, graphic and product design services for first-class enterprises in different industries, and has won many international design awards. MAUDEA design adheres to the rigorous design attitude of creating a connotation space full of profound cultural heritage and rich emotion. With the design concept of globalization in mind, we believe that the design is not a representation, but a reflection of the state of mind so as to express the aesthetics in a meticulous and rich way. After 10 years of rapid development, MAUDEA design has nearly 200 team members. It has provided interior design and consulting services for more than 50 real estate groups, and has been highly recognized by Vanke, Sunac, Greenland, Jinmao, Xincheng, Xuhui, Renheng, Jindi, Zhongnan, Fuli, Zhengrong, Rongxin, Xinli, Jianfa, Midea and Lujin. In the Asia Pacific region, the firm also cooperates with world-renowned architects to create high-level and challenging cutting-edge projects.
The shepherd flute design works have won many authoritative design awards at home and abroad:SBD International Design Award, UK FX Design Award, US AMP Design Award, London Property Design Award, Italy A'DESIGNAWARD Gold Award, French GPDP AWARD International Design Award、Silver AIIDA AWARD International Innovation Design Award、Japan IDPA AWARD International Pioneer Design Award, Golden Creative International Space Design Award and other domestic and foreign design awards

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