IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024

Hangzhou Longfor Tianxuancheng villa

Hangzhou Longfor Tianxuancheng villa
Winner of 2022 GOLD Prize

Design of Model Room


Hangzhou Longfor Tianxuancheng villa
Hangzhou, Longfor Tianxuancheng villa, The first floor is the hardcover delivery standard floor, with a construction area of about 300m square meters.
There are not too many shear walls, the plane stretch, adequate lighting.The luxury and wide scale, sense of freedom and fluidity of large flat layer are different from most such products,
Combined with the public style of the facade and the hardcover standard of the first floor, it needs to be easy to copy to other house types.
modern and simple is the theme of style, to create a product in line with the modern spirit.
The underground space does not belong to the scope of hardcover submission, so it has greater freedom in creation.
The pattern of the space is structural, the branches of the tree, while the furnishings of the space are decorative, like the leaves and beautiful flowers of the tree.


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