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Italy International Design Award 2024

Sunshine. Yard. Cats and Dogs

Sunshine. Yard. Cats and Dogs
Winner of 2022 SILVER Prize

Design of Residential Space


Does the hardcover room need renovation? This is a topic that is now widely concerned. There are some soft decoration making it colorful, some that are partially renovated, and some that are completely smashed and redecorated.
The owner of this house chose it because of its superior location and small yard on the first floor, but as a designer, he really couldn't stand the unreasonable layout and scale, the decoration quality that everyone knows and the visual effect that is a long story, and finally decided to smash all the decoration.
Because of the possible situation in the future, although it is a two-person family, the two second bedrooms are still preserved (dynamic design, which can be switched between cloakroom and bedroom at any time). Use the bedroom adjacent to the master bedroom as a cloakroom. The kitchen and dining room have been adjusted. Because the function of western kitchen is given to the dining room, the kitchen is appropriately reduced as a Chinese kitchen, while the dining room and western kitchen are larger and more comfortable.
As for the area of the master bedroom, the owner's view is that the sleeping area does not need to be too large, while the frequently used areas, such as the bathroom and cloakroom, need sufficient area. Therefore, it is based on this idea to reduce the master bedroom to enlarge the bathroom, and take a bedroom and make the master bedroom a cloakroom.
Because I especially like the feeling of soaking in the bathtub to see the scenery, I deliberately separated the bathtub from the bathroom and put it by the window, so I can take measures to enjoy the scenery of the courtyard and take into account privacy, and it becomes the most pleasant little world here.
Storage is a topic that every family can't get around, and this house is no exception. However, different from the situation of "storage is storage and beauty is beauty" in most families, the storage system of the whole space design also carries almost all the tasks of "beauty". The shape, material and accessories of each cabinet have been carefully studied to make it integrated with the whole space.
Other functional equipment also follows the idea of combining function with aesthetics, such as the concrete fireplace around the radiator (the size of the fireplace comprehensively considers the beautiful proportion and the normal working scale required by the radiator), the inclined ceiling of the air conditioner in the living room (to ensure the normal air outlet of the air conditioner while not affecting the floor height), and the large table integrated with the dining table, island and platform (with diversified storage and electricity facilities, it has the functions of kitchen operation, dining, party, work and study, etc.
The design of the small garden takes into account such factors as beauty, easy care, and the relationship with the indoor landscape.
Because there are cats and dogs at home, their needs have been fully considered in the design, such as the cat hole between the bedroom and the public area, the path for cats to climb the fireplace, the venue and route for cats and dogs to move in the small garden, and so on......
In short, this is a comfortable little home suitable for enjoying life with cats and dogs......

Design by Chongqing Micro Interior Design Co., Ltd.

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