IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024

68, Heping North Street, Shenyang, 9D

68, Heping North Street, Shenyang, 9D
Winner of 2022 Innovation Prize

Design of Real Estate Sales


68, Heping North Street, Shenyang, 9D,Located in Baisha Island, Shenfu New District, Liaoning Province, close to the central urban area of Shenyang, it has high-quality waterfront ecological resources, between nature and the city.
ML · A space design combines the overall structural scheme and positioning theme of Baisha Island Financial Town, relies on the originally planned exhibition hall, continues the nature, human ecology and quality of life, puts new elements into the space, integrates the city with a new role, links nature and city, awakens the resonance between people and space, builds the magnetic field of ideal residence, and meets the modern human life.
The glass curtain wall breaks the stagnation of the layers, Explore a new starting point, Extending the sense of proportion between the inside and outside of the building, Between the natural transition, Add to the story of the space.
With the power of nature, form and light, Integrate indoor into the building, building into the environment, In the light of peace, Cluster lattice matrices, Welcome a return to a better life. Smallpox water corrugated board through the space, Mapping it to the visitors, The picture changes from real to virtual, Dramatic tension, Like a parade on the sparkling lake, Light, transparent and natural. The urban spatial form is transformed into concrete aesthetic feelings, Function and spirit to achieve unity.
Pass through the vestibule, Space form is transparent and clear, Virtual and real alternate with, shape and shadow , Rich levels, mutual penetration. The initiation and closing of space, Into the beauty of the detail, Fun and spiritual needs, Build the joy and rush of life. Splegspace space in a regular sequence, The art of the complementary geometric lines, Extend the line of sight and comfort.
Pick up the steps, Overlooking the future life Step up, with a bird's eye view below, It is the most intuitive expectation for the future, The future can be expected. With a free-flowing curve, Like the ripples in the water Break the underlying law from different angles Fusion in the spatial prosody. Materials and shapes are in the space With a sense of rhythm, the light of the echo, Space functions overlap, harmony and unified, Give visitors a free and mobile space experience.
It is a store for spiritual food, Collection of history, wisdom, humanity and life. This is an engraved fashion IP spiritual landmark, Gather people who pursue their life. Mottled material, deconstructed recombinant blocks, Coordinating a simple, simple and elegant visual language, Full of a relaxed sense of order A very modern artistic narrative, Echo the old face, Light brings spatial emotions here, The rhythm is light and softly whispered. Ecological renewal, History has traces to follow Take yesterday's accumulation, In the concrete form, with the concept of rebirth, Nourish the space aura field.
The rough material and humanistic feelings are retained intact, Bookshelves exist like "historical relics exhibits", Sit in, creating time and space with man, space and nature, Tell and continue the humanistic implication of the exhibition hall. Like opening the blind box, Man is always longing for unknown, uncertain things, For children, The only attractive world is the world that they have not yet stepped into.

Design by LIU GANG

ML · Associate Design Director First class interior decoration designer The co-founder of ML.A is good at expressing the pursuit of art with unique techniques. Different angles and thoughts are simple and pure, expressing that each material and shape has its own meaning and value. At the same time, he hopes that the space presented has both brand empowerment and durability, aiming to strip away the limitations of space and time, and do undefined design. honor: 2022 Won the 2021 8th French GPDP AWARD International Innovation Design Award; 2021-2022 Golden Case Award National Winner; 2021 (2021-2022) Annual List 40 UNDER 40 China (Shenyang) Design Outstanding Youth; In 2020, "Natural Symbiosis" G+Design Elite Competition won the top 10 in Northeast China; 2020 (2020-2021) Annual List 40 UNDER 40 Outstanding Young Designers in China (Shenyang); Top 10 Mango Awards 2019; Gold Award of 2019 China Building Decoration Golden Eagle Design Competition; "Pengding Award" Top Ten Entertainment Space Awards in 2018 China Space Design Competition

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