IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024

Renovation of the Audi rest area

Renovation of the Audi rest area
Winner of 2022 Innovation Prize

Design of TOP 10 Agency


Through the transformation of design and service, the brand connotation of Audi is conveyed to consumers, so that they can generate cognition, memory, recognition and good feelings.
In order to realize Audi's vision of creating an ideal guest rest area for customers, Qi Cheng Design creates a natural and comfortable space feeling...
"Urban Green Valley"
"Landscape with architecture, figs are also nature" not only refers to the form of space, but also a healthy living concept of symbiosis between people, space and environment Integrating nature into space, independent and closely related to each other.
"If there is a driving force for the car, it is the driver's dream of freedom" Life itself is an adventure gallop, the infinite pursuit of free and expansive life strength in a limited life. ”


Established in Shanghai in 2001, X’SPACE DESIGN is a comprehensive design service agency based on the local area with an international perspective. Business section covers, but not limited to, real estate, hotel, commercial, office, pension and other creative output, we advocate a more diverse design gimmick, uphold the creation philosophy of continuous innovation, continuous attention to technical exploration, the arts, humanities and function, the different forms of coupling design technique and space, in the customer cost budget manageable, contribution very forward-looking solutions for entire case, maximize the value of space.
After more than 20 years of precipitation, X.SPACE DESIGN has rich experience in space product research and development, professional and efficient project management mechanism, and has gathered a high-quality and efficient design team, and many well-known listed real estate Company cooperation, Greenland, COSMOS, Vanke, etc. have reached long-term and stable strategic cooperation. Design works are spread across major cities across the country, and have won many domestic and foreign design awards.

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