IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024

Masterplan in Lac Rose

Masterplan in Lac Rose
Winner of 2021 Innovation Prize

Design of Architectural Construction


On the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, between the dunes and Lake Rosa, it is the setting for a new city.
Lake Rose, known for its particular pink color due to its high salinity, is unique in the world.
Living in the city by the lake is living in nature half an hour from the Senegalese capital.
The complex has been designed under the premises of sustainability and ecology.
Avant-garde architecture overlooking the ocean and surrounded by an impressive landscape where the days are full of various sports and leisure activities.
This wonderful corner, fuses Senegalese culture and history with a lifestyle of the highest level.

Scattered among its beaches, the marina, the baobab forests and the lake, there are golf courses, wellness centers and first-rate nautical facilities.
The magic of the city of the Lake lies in its unique combination of tranquility, well-being, dynamism, style and serenity in a spectacular setting facing the sea.
Lovers of nature and a healthy lifestyle have found their place.
Lake Rose City is the perfect place for a good recovery. The complex has an international hospital and an anti-aging clinic, so holidays and good health go hand in hand.


Cosmos Architecture, is an architecture and design studio based in Valencia, Spain with branches in Asia, Middle East and South America.
The practice offers a wide range of solutions, thanks to our long experience and partnerships with worldwide international companies such as IVICSA, that able us to work at every stage of the project in fields such as Architecture, Engineer and Project management. Formed by a multidisciplinary group of professionals, who carries out residential, cultural, corporate and public projects at international level with clients and projects all around the world. With more than 42 years of experience the focus of the projects arises from a double commitment:
the will to give a technical response to a specific context and the desire, to seek beauty through the built work, pursuing the satisfaction of all those who actively participate in the development.
Especially clients, but also collaborators, builders and finally users.

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