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Italy International Design Award 2024

Little Stone Spring in Wawu mountain

Little Stone Spring in Wawu mountain
Winner of 2022 Innovation Prize

Design of Homestay


. The eternal Wawu Mountain absorbs the brilliance of the sun and the moon and takes the spiritual energy of heaven and earth. The project of Wang Dong, a landscape aesthete and founder of Chengdu Luke Creative Design, is a forest soup resort that makes up for the gap in the high-end market - Wawu Mountain Small Stone Spring. The tile-house boulder originated from ancient times, entrenched in the deep mountains, to the sun, to rigidity, to stability, to heaviness. The designer unconventional hollowed out the boulder as a vessel, under the background of primitive, mountainous and rugged natural landscapes, soaking in the soup and tasting tea to feel the tranquility and beauty of nature. Feel that life is not only about the present situation, but also about poetry and distant places.
Xiaoshi Spring comes from Wawu Mountain Spring, from ice and snow, through the forest, to clear, to quiet, to pure, to soft, 7.45 pH, full of penetration, solubility, immunity, can improve circulation, activate cells, reduce uric acid, ice clear jade clean tea, soft mountain temperature soaked coagulation. A pool of clear water, exclusive view of the mountains and rivers. Feel the time like a song with Jun, and praise life like a spring! The ponds of Xiaoshizumi are large and small, like stars, both opposites and unity, fresh and interesting, presenting a stylish, delicate, delicate, flexible and aesthetic vision. "There are no people in the empty mountains, but people are heard." It is the best description of the tranquility and tranquility of the small stone spring.
In order to meet the different needs of tourists, the designer has planned six features for Xiaoshi Spring: Boulder Bubble Pool, Snow Mountain Spring, Zen Tea Immersion, Fairy Tale Forest, Winter Night Snow Scene, and Haoyue Starry Sky. There are seven functional bubble pools for tourists to choose from: jacuzzi, foot bath, sleeping pool, cold pool, children's paddling pool, Zen tea pool, and clear spring pool. Every place can be memorable. The boulder bubble pond weighs about 150 tons, which is equivalent to the weight of 2,500 people, and in order to successfully complete the construction, two temporary roads were specially built and a 300-ton crane was used! The fascinating natural jacuzzi, lover's stone bridge, valley Yao pool, crispy numb feeling impact your lower back, massage your meridians, relieve all kinds of discomfort symptoms of your skin. In the quiet air, let go of the distractions in your heart, listen to the pure Sanskrit sounds, and feel the beauty of life. Stretching out our hands to embrace nature, a gentle force slowly enters our hearts, allowing our hearts to return to the original state, brushing away the dust and cleansing ourselves in the tea enlightenment. Any stone on the earth has its own breath, its own feelings. They all chew a period of time and contain a history. Why not come to Wawu Mountain Little Stone Spring to experience a special experience brought to you by stone?

Design by Chengdu Luhao Nature Landscaping Co. , Ltd.

Chengdu Luhao Nature Landscaping Co. , Ltd. is a garden company with a long history and deep cultural heritage, and the company's leaders and backbone designers are all teachers of art departments of famous universities in Sichuan. The strong cultural atmosphere has injected an alternative spring breeze into the impetuous commercial market, and has been committed to paying attention to the balance and harmonious symbiosis between man and nature, man and the environment for many years. Advocate the design concept of environmental protection, ecology, health and energy saving. Oppose utilitarian, predatory, destructive design thinking. The company adheres to the "three non-connection" service concept - "no connection without redesign, no connection without environmental protection, no connection without emphasis on quality". The company has been adhering to the concept of "integrity and integrity", in the selection of employees, adhere to "morality" first, be a person in advance, ensure that the company operates in good faith from top to bottom, and resolutely put an end to behaviors that harm the interests of customers. The company has advanced and cutting-edge design ideas. It has all kinds of professional and technical personnel and perfect materials, equipment and plant bases. As a well-known cultural landscape operation institution in Chengdu, the company has close long-term in-depth cooperation with many enterprises and individual investors such as Chengdu Lushan International, Azure Cartier, Longhu Changqiao County, Agile, Changsong Temple, Huayi Foundation, Tongrentang, Yunnan Baiyao, Sanya Yongjing South Bank, Emei Rondao, Ningbo Maitreya Dojo, Liaoning Yingkou Shengshi Industry and many other enterprises and individual investors.
The company believes in the business philosophy of "art first, business as the supplement" and the design concept of "teaching nature, higher than nature"; Advocate breaking the shackles of "urban prisoners" through design. Create a beautiful environment of harmony and symbiosis, and realize the happy life of returning to nature, embracing nature, and enjoying nature.

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