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Italy International Design Award 2024

Hanging Gardens

Hanging Gardens
Winner of 2022 SILVER Prize

Design of Villa Landscape


. The project is located in Xinchuan Area, Chengdu South High-tech Zone, which belongs to the future world-class innovation and technology park, surrounded by a three-dimensional transportation network in the south of the city, close to the south section of Tianfu Avenue in the west, Zizhou Avenue in the east, and Yahe Street through the project center, we hope to give the living space the characteristics of natural spirit and art through the excellent natural environment, and create a high-quality ecological community.
On-site conditions
The whole project is a roof garden, with a total area of 276 square meters, the site is horizontally divided into two parts by the back beam, and the flue and exhaust pipe are scattered irregularly, which affects the integrity of the garden, how to make changes to the existing layout, which adds difficulty to our design. Because the field environment is located between commercial and residential areas, and there are major traffic routes in the city, the surrounding environment is relatively complex.
Design ideas
Combined with the on-site situation of the garden and the owner to communicate the idea of the garden, the owner is a relatively young group, usually there will be some friends to gather, hope to take care of the home while the garden can also serve as a place for gathering activities, can meet with family, friends, partners to talk. Understanding the owner's ideas, our design ideas are gradually clear, first of all, the use of the garden is relatively large, "people" is the largest service object of the garden, starting from the idea of "people-oriented", more rest space is considered in the design, you can sit and chat, drink tea and barbecue parties.
At the same time, the owner also hopes that the garden can become a kind of symbol, in line with the contemporary aesthetic, can attract people to stop for it, meet the basic functions and have the beauty of the design, and integrate with the surrounding environment. This gives us the courage to think outside the box in our design.
The load-bearing beam of the roof garden is an irreversible factor, so it will be calculated to make a raised mirror water feature to divide the garden into four areas, the original exhaust pipe and the water surface decorative flowers are integrated, the flue is heightened, the exterior finish is made of mirror stainless steel and the surrounding environment is integrated, the laundry room in the functional area is also hidden in the same way without revealing its true face, the design of the toilet adopts a curved way special design means to reflect the flexibility of the garden, the wall of the façade is also the focus of the design, extracting the elements of the "mountain", Made into a staggered mountain, a mountain and a water, a still and a movement, between movement and static, skillfully connected. And because modern elements such as the steel plate of the flower pond not only ensure the safety of the space, but also make the garden rigid and soft, highlighting the beauty of the overall harmony of the environment and landscape. The layout breaks the original flatness, and is divided into two areas in space, one is the outdoor gathering and barbecue area, and the stepped arc-shaped leisure area, which has an inclusive sense of enclosure, as if surrounded by nature. Regular non-slip bricks are selected on the floor, and the lines are evenly divided and the depth is changed, which adds a sense of rhythm to the paving. Family gatherings, visits from friends, business meetings, all complement each other in this space.
The entire garden incorporates modern and stylish elements, in line with the surroundings. After the completion of the project, it has been highly recognized by the owner and project leader.

Design by Chengdu Luhao Nature Landscaping Co. , Ltd.

Chengdu Luhao Nature Landscaping Co. , Ltd. is a garden company with a long history and deep cultural heritage, and the company's leaders and backbone designers are all teachers of art departments of famous universities in Sichuan. The strong cultural atmosphere has injected an alternative spring breeze into the impetuous commercial market, and has been committed to paying attention to the balance and harmonious symbiosis between man and nature, man and the environment for many years. Advocate the design concept of environmental protection, ecology, health and energy saving. Oppose utilitarian, predatory, destructive design thinking. The company adheres to the "three non-connection" service concept - "no connection without redesign, no connection without environmental protection, no connection without emphasis on quality". The company has been adhering to the concept of "integrity and integrity", in the selection of employees, adhere to "morality" first, be a person in advance, ensure that the company operates in good faith from top to bottom, and resolutely put an end to behaviors that harm the interests of customers. The company has advanced and cutting-edge design ideas. It has all kinds of professional and technical personnel and perfect materials, equipment and plant bases. As a well-known cultural landscape operation institution in Chengdu, the company has close long-term in-depth cooperation with many enterprises and individual investors such as Chengdu Lushan International, Azure Cartier, Longhu Changqiao County, Agile, Changsong Temple, Huayi Foundation, Tongrentang, Yunnan Baiyao, Sanya Yongjing South Bank, Emei Rondao, Ningbo Maitreya Dojo, Liaoning Yingkou Shengshi Industry and many other enterprises and individual investors.
The company believes in the business philosophy of "art first, business as the supplement" and the design concept of "teaching nature, higher than nature"; Advocate breaking the shackles of "urban prisoners" through design. Create a beautiful environment of harmony and symbiosis, and realize the happy life of returning to nature, embracing nature, and enjoying nature.

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