IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024

Lenghu Oil Mine Dwelling

Lenghu Oil Mine Dwelling
Winner of 2022 SILVER Prize

Design of Residential Space


In the early 1960s, my grandfather dedicated his youth to the land of Lenghu. The older generation of oil builders, for the oil construction of the new China, brought their families to this land and settled down. The square under the big characters of "Lenghu Oil Mine" should be the most lively place that year. Their youth and life are left on this land. Walking through it, it seems that I saw the thriving scene at the beginning, with the sound of radio horns, the sound of jingling bicycles, and the sound of children laughing and snoring, mixed with the chatter and laughter of adults. But all is gone, and now only this desolate and inhabited ruin is left. Through grandfather's narration, we decided to re-pass the historical memory on the entire ruins and build a new residential space, so that the older generation can feel the feelings of this land again when they came to the place where they lived and struggled. The project passes through the original geographical environment, broken walls and ruins, and through the combination of the new and the old. In terms of spatial construction, a new era of memory is re-given.

Design by ZONEKING

With the advantages of Hirun’s high-end talents, high-end technology, high-end products, high-end services, and other advantages, ZONEKING Villa Decoration has created a leading industry "customized renovation mode" to lead the market standard in the five aspects of chief design, strict selection of supply chain, construction technology 4.0, ultra high standard acceptance, and ZONEKING housekeeping services, and to provide the private customization needs of high-end customers with the overall planning, overall design, overall construction The one-stop and whole process service of overall delivery enables to really see, get and enjoy the intimate and noble villa decoration experience. As the leader of the high-end villa industry, ZONEKING will continue to practice the standards of high-end villas, constantly refresh the height of the industry in every link of the overall planning, design, and construction, and comprehensively exceed customer expectations.

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