IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024


Winner of 2021 Innovation Prize

Design of Real Estate Sales


Design description: The project plot is located in Fuqing City, referred to as "Rong", elegantly known as Yurong. It is located in the central hub of the economic zone on the west bank of the Straits in Fujian Province and the southern wing of Fuzhou, the provincial capital city. It is close to the Longjiang River and has a superior geographical environment.
In this project, we extracted the elements of Fuqing's "Youxi Terraces" as the design origin based on the context and impression cultural background of local urban development in Fuqing, and used "citing the light of the sky to the ground" as the introduction. After extracting with art, the design is visualized, and then it is integrated into the soft decoration design of the entire marketing center.
Step into the clean and concise entrance corridor, combined with the streamlined space lines, put on a curved surface painting with the theme of "starry sky", which becomes the central memory point before entering the entire main space. The moon came out of the lunar eclipse, and the stars were shining and turbulent. If the light from the sky shines on the earth, then it is the light belonging to the earth. The infinite flow of art, we express it in the way of art design, so as to give it unique and dynamic vitality.
Entering the main negotiation area, the first thing you see is the spacious white surrounding wall, presenting a spacious and bright space interface, clean but weighty. The blue-themed sofa is embellished with white hardwear, bringing a calm and warm feeling under the stars.
In the in-depth negotiation area, we incorporated the array of Fuqing’s local characteristics of "Youxi Terraces" into the paintings. The paintings on the walls extracted the elements of the terraces to express the abstract paintings of physical art. As for the “on the ground” of the sales office, it uses large-area sofas and single-person furniture with a finishing touch. The color of the carpet and the selection of the pattern of the seat are just like the terraced blue in the evening light.


A PLUS DISPLAY was founded in 2007, and the office is located in the Overseas Chinese Town Square, Nanshan District, Shenzhen.
Since its establishment, A PLUS DISPLAY has built a high-quality soft decoration design team based on more than ten years of talent training and reserve. It has many years of experience in many successful projects and is familiar with many different aspects such as real estate, hotels, office spaces, high-end clubs, etc. Types of projects, devoting great attention and deep thinking to each project. In project practice, from the initial project planning to the site landing, all are equipped with professional senior designers to track and control the entire process, determined to provide customers with the best design services.
A PLUS DISPLAY has always adhered to the design concept of "DESIGN IS NOT ONLY WORK, BUT ALSO LIFE AND FUN". Based on the interior design system that integrates professional design, engineering operations, interior furnishings, and high-quality selection, contemporary art is continuously implanted on the basis of design. The concept of the space allows the space to add more life art while gaining practical functions, which perfectly explains the original intention of DESIGN + ART + LIFE.

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