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Italy International Design Award 2024

Integrated stove-Fenghua

Integrated stove-Fenghua
Winner of 2022 Innovation Prize

Design of Kitchen Products


. This design is a highly innovative integrated kitchen electricity product, and the main design points are as follows:
1.Multi-functional integrated design
The product adopts modular design and highly integrates range hood, gas stove, air fryer, steam box, oven, stew pot, heat preservation box, disinfection cabinet and many other functions. It can simultaneously realize functions such as fried, steamed, boiled, stewed, roasted, baked, simmered and other cooking methods. It can meet the Chinese consumers’s cooking needs for a variety of different food.
2. Intelligent design
Al smoke control technology: The stove can accurately identify the shape, size, position, concentration and motion trajectory of lampblack, and intelligently, automatically adjust the suction force of smoke machine, through advanced lampblack sensor and intelligent algorithm. AI auxiliary cooking: The product is equipped with cooker temperature sensing technology and gas stove firepower electronic regulation technology. It can intelligently identify the types of ingredients and cooking methods in the pot through AI algorithm, schedule AI algorithm to match firepower, and combine it into a variety of automatic cooking modes to realize the automatic adjustment of firepower in the whole process.
ntelligent recipes: The enterprise, together with well-known five-star chefs, develops an intelligent recipe cooking curve of the steam oven. Users only need to select with one key from the cloud recipe to automatically set the time and temperature. It can also be manually adjusted according to personal preferences and different food. A green hand becomes a chef in seconds.
Cooking cloud sharing:The product can accurately record the temperature, heat and time of the cooking process. In addition, the user can sort out the information of food and cooking ingredients, transmit the cooking information to family and friends through the cloud, and download the delicious food recipe shared by friends for local use. Intelligent interconnection and safety: the product has firewall (in case of open fire inhalation automatically cut off the gas source), gas stove accidental flameout protection, gas leakage alarm and other intelligent safety technology; And the mobile APP can check the cooking status, push a reminder to turn off the fire or remotely turn off the cooker.

. 3. Better lampblack effect
This design uses the near suction lampblack way whose smoking port is far lower than user's head, which can effectively solve the traditional pain spots that exhaust lampblack may have oil on the face. Dc inverter fan and bionic air duct system are used to effectively improve smoking efficiency. Equipped with fan linkage electric smoke stop valve, it can effectively solve the persistent problem of smoke channeling in public flue.The sunciton efficiency (odor reduction) is as high as 99.5%.
4.Better space utilization
This design integrates the range hood, gas range, steam box, oven, disinfection cabinet and many other functions, which can effectively improve the utilization rate of kitchen space and provide more cooking methods. Solve the problem of insufficient space in the small kitchen.
5. Excellent mute
The suction outlet of this design is closer to the pot edge, and the smoking range is wider. The dc frequency conversion fan with low power consumption and low noise is used to achieve "small displacement, strong suction and low noise". The noise of 66dB (A) is far lower than the national standard 73dB (A).
6.Energy saving and environmental protection
The product is equipped with a new high-performance combustion system, combined with the multi-layer shaped energy pot rack, so that the heat load of the gas cooker is elevated to 5.0Kw and the thermal efficiency reaches more than 70%, far exceeding the national first-level energy efficiency (thermal efficiency59%).
7. Easy to clean
We adopt a new structural design,mesh-free and removal smoke shiled,greatly improve the convenience of cleaning.Traditional range hoods have built-in mesh, which is complicated in structure, easy to hang oil, drip oil, and difficult to clean.


Pang Jianjun:Master of Designing and a senior product design expert who has been engaged in design and management for 11 years. He was the design director of Zhejiang Meida Co., Ltd. and once established a design center for four well-known enterprises at home and abroad and served as the design director; He was selected into the 2015 design leading talent plan of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, the National Professional And Technical Personnel Knowledge Renewal Project and the Provincial Professional And Technical Personnel Innovation Design Ability Improvement Project in Zhejiang Province; His works won the American Idea Design Award, American International Innovationdesign Award,New York Product Design Award,Bauhaus International Design Award,China Red Star Award, China Good Design Award, Successful Design Award. Part of his works were selected into the nationwide art exhibition hosted by the Ministry of Culture; He has designed hundreds of products successfully which have generated great economic benefits; He has made effort in establishing a China's top ten innovative enterprises, a Zhejiang key enterprise design institute, the Yangtze River Delta Industrial Design Institute, Jiaxing Industrial Design Association, Jiaxing Industrial Design magazine, etc.

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