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Italy International Design Award 2024

G1 design

G1 design
Winner of 2022 SILVER Prize

Design of Office Space


G1 design's interior reflects Yao Feng's approach to office space -- diverse, free and undefined.
The interior breaks the traditional functional BOX rules, extending the interaction surface of the three dimensions of the space. The level of decoration construction is the basic element of the design, shaping a relaxed, open and orderly space. The whole space is divided into three main areas -- salon area, work area and city meeting room. While each region retains its own specific functional attributes, it interacts with other regions in the functional field.
Through the oblique expansion of the entrance passageway of the facade, the eye is directed to the salon area. It is hoped that the salon here will not only be a place where designers can brainstorm when discussing plans, but also a place where they can sit for a game during leisure time. This space will also carry the functional attributes of product promotion and social salon. On one side of the salon area is an open-plan office area, and the non-traditional entrance profile of the office area follows our attitude towards design -- not to be defined.
Along the vein of the black background wood veneer, the people's view is extended to the "city parlor". In the "urban meeting room", the cold and traditional conference table is not expected to appear, and the desk of the designer has evolved into a multi-functional table of up to 4 meters. The design team hopes that customers can listen to the design report in the space with a sense of life, with a casual attitude, and at the same time, they can sit at a long table and have a conversation and drink tea comfortably.
Here, office and reporting are redefined as if coming to a friend's living room or tea room. At the same time, the happiness tree in the corner of the bar also adds a green meaning between the "round sky and the round place", which is the only color of the natural gift.

Design by Feng Yao

Work experience: Graduated from the Department of Environmental Art Design of Nanjing University of the Arts in 2010, engaged in the interior design industry in Shanghai in 2011, and served as the design director of this company since 2015. The main design direction for four - five - star hotel and high-end sales office sample
Board houses, mansions, high-end clubs and so on. At the beginning of 2020, he returned to Nanjing to establish his own interior design brand -- G1, Nanjing Qiyi Design
Awards and Honors:
2022 MUSE Design Gold Award
2021 Jintang Award (Nanjing) Top Ten Designers
Gold Award of 2021 International Environmental Art Innovation Design Competition
2021 Huading Award --2021 Outstanding Young Interior Designer of China
2021 Shanghai Design Week Design Thinking Award nomination
Nominated for 2021 Shanghai Design Week Commercial Space Design Award

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