IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024

eSports Complex, Good Mong Kok

eSports Complex, Good Mong Kok
Winner of 2022 Innovation Prize

Design of Commercial Space


All-inclusive eSports Entertainment Complex
eSports Complex, Good Mong Kok is an eSports complex integrating an eSports hotel, an eSports hall, and a chess room. Located in the ancient city Hengyang, the concept of a new industry has sprung up in this traditional cultural atmosphere, and the design integrates the social needs of contemporary business and leisure and provides residents with full entertainment.
Sparkling Pop Elements
This project applies various Web celebrity elements, including magic glass, magic stainless steel, Star Bear Web celebrity doll, Web celebrity check-in area, etc. At the same time, the design arranges different areas in the building and gives them unique attributes. For example, the high-end area in eSports hall serves as the core visual center; the leisure area of the eSports hotel serves as a place for Web celebrities to check in and interaction.
Unique Design Aesthetics
The exterior design of this project breaks through the traditional straight line composition and uses a lot of curve and arc elements running through the entire building. The overall sense is smooth and high-tech-ish. At the same time, using new decorative materials and appropriately placing Web celebrity dolls make the entire space more fashionable and full of technological illusions, creating a unique fashion atmosphere.
Different Consumption Areas
The eSports hall is set up three consumption areas: high, middle and low, meeting the needs of different consumer groups. Young people with different spending power can choose the Internet area accordingly. Users can go to the product display area to exchange for a suitable mouse and keyboard. At the same time, there are convenient service areas such as self-selected supermarkets and bag storage areas in the venue, which can meet the needs of users for a high-end Internet environment.
The Social Significance of New Era
As an emerging industry in recent years, eSports hotel is facing broad development prospects. This project improves the design of eSports hotels from the "spirit" and "materialization", combines user needs with commercial development, leads eSports to a new horizon, and seeks new breakthroughs in its business development.

Design by Shanxi FUNMIND Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.

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