IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024

Eden by the Sea

Eden by the Sea
Winner of 2021 Innovation Prize

Design of Real Estate Sales


We are all big fish in the deep sea
When you are born, start from this side of the sea and set sail Bathe in the morning sun, and blow against the gentle night wind Keep going up and down
To experience, to explore the world's most interesting mysteries To find the free Eden on the sea
Contemporary city, people yearn for the center of the star sea, yunshuiwan sales office soft decoration design yilang design, to the big fish in the deep sea cruise as the moving line, the contemporary art into the design, from each object to map the beautiful scene, the construction of the garden of Eden on the sea.
Set sail: set sail to Yunshui Bay
As far as the eye could see, the blue was like a calm sea. The circular lights strung together overhead burned like sunsets in the mirror image of the sea. The human art installation is like a sea of chemotaxis, born to the sun.
From the reception area to the center of the whole space, the sky is a reflected ocean, cut into countless pieces by glass, covered with a layer of galactic filter under infinite extension, and the sand table looks like an impenetrable island in the high space, waiting for the explorers to conquer and occupy its only land. The tranquility of the deep, with its leaping caudal fins, leads people to explore the secrets of the sea.
The negotiation area is surrounded by the sand table as the focus of the field, and the arc light belt is in series with all the emotions, thus enveloping the atmosphere of modern aesthetics. When the orange acrylic device rotates, it is the sun embracing the sea, which continuously amplifies the radiant light and startles the glows and billows.
In pure design, detail is where the extraordinary temperament is achieved. A white wall is placed in the mirror image of the sea, the water drops pouring down are silent and invisible, the cactus bearing gravel grows freely, the square and round order twists and turns in movement and movement, and the landscape is created, which comes from yilang's micro and perception of the natural form.
In the past, all are prologue. It is only when the great fish plunges into the deep sea that the astonishing spectacle begins. The size of the big Fish device is 8 meters long. The sunlight reflected by the glass through the cloud layer becomes more dazzling in the candy color. The curve of the side just senses the direction of stealth.
The art gallery on the first floor makes the big fish lurking in front of us. The silhouette of the city is constantly floating and playing in front of us like a wave. This is the engraving of culture, the enduring memory of the city, and the symbiosis between art and nature of The Times.
The artistic blue blanket placed on the wall is three-dimensional and vivid, making people feel the blue shadow full of light, just like the clear, green, deep, tranquil ocean wave. The artistic images and interesting storylines of the sea and the fish are also shown in wang Zhixin's "Looking for a Harbor of freedom" and "Playing with the Fish". Sensitive to various dissimilation phenomena in contemporary society in the process of civilization, artists use allegorical images to effectively combine fantasy and objective reality through the reconstruction of emotions such as lotus blossom, sea bottom and fish jump to create ethereal and vivid perception.
The VIP room selects the painting "The Shallows" by the artist Wang Sheng. When the sun shines on the billows of the sea, it reflects the bright and colorful light spots, reflecting the inner yearning for nature and freedom.
In addition to the natural calm space, the blue-green art installation is transparent, just like the "eye of the deep sea", which is hidden and powerful. Under the calm and rational atmosphere, it can communicate with itself and reach the touch point of the heart in the interaction.
In creative objects, the wonderful story is extended infinitely, and the wonderful world is glimpsing on the scale of space. Yilang turns the design into a continuous writing pen, imagining the deep sea from the perspective of a big fish, which presents a sea Eden with images, interest and artistic conception, reaching people's inner world yearning for freedom.


Shenzhen Yilang Space Design Studio was founded in 2004 and renamed as Shenzhen Yilang Space Design Co., LTD in 2014. Since its inception, Yilang design has been focused on high-end model rooms, sales center, boutique hotels, private clubs, high-end villas, innovative office interior design and soft furnishings; Is engaged in the interior soft and hard decoration design and accessories and furniture customized services as one of the professional organizations, has a perfect project control cooperation platform and rich product resources.
Adhering to the rigorous professional attitude, real service awareness, as well as the project control strength, strict requirements on details and standardized control of the design process, and many real estate enterprises across the country to achieve long-term cooperation. In the pursuit of design quality and product quality at the same time pay attention to process management, so that the design concept and cost control can be carried out in the whole project. According to the needs of different Spaces and customers, from the overall style, tailor-made, shaping the image of the space in an all-round way, fully reflect the nature and characteristics of different Spaces and taste connotation.

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