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NYO3 Antarctic Krill Oil Golden Amundsen Edition
Winner of 2023 Prize

Design of Package Design


The packaging specially designed for NYO3 Antarctic Krill Oil Golden Amundsen Edition draws inspiration from Roald·Amundsen, a famous Norwegian explorer and the world’ s first man to reach the South Pole. The crossover collaboration of nutrition and culture well nourishes both body and soul of users, and reveals the brand’s efforts to inherit, explore and enrich Norwegian culture and marine phospholipids.
The packaging integrates Roald·Amundsen, krill oil (one of the three treasures of Norway) and multiple cultural elements with the western engraving technique, to highlight the innate adventurous spirit of human beings and embody the brand concept of “Norway style, pure and simple”. The collision and fusion of red, white, blue and gold suggests rich nutrients and a profound cultural background of the product as well as its powerful function on silently invigorating users.
Another plus point should attribute to the innovative interaction design. The side opening design introduced to the outer box gives users an immersive sense as if beginning a journey of exploration; the inside illustration vividly reproduces how Roald·Amundsen explored the Antarctic and found out krill oil, above which the semi-transparent tracing paper is printed with the route to guide users set out on their own voyage of discovery, better making the product emotionally engaging.
The product featuring high-quality purely natural nutrients conveys the brand’s pursuit of health and natural, whereby consumers can experience Nordic healthy, eco-friendly lifestyle; the packaging minimizes its material use, so as to promote sustainable development for environmental protection.

Design by NYO3 International AS

NYO3, originated from Nordic Norway, is a high-end dietary nutrition brand in Norway.
NYO3 adheres to the concept of sustainable development, is loyal to the quality of natural raw materials, European pharmaceutical standards, and recyclable simple packaging, and is committed to combining Norway's unique active substances with modern technology to convey the Nordic concept of healthy living.
At present, NYO3 products cover 11 major categories, including heart and brain care, liver nourishment and liver protection, oral beauty, men's health, metabolism regulation, sleep regulation, eye care, basic nutrition, intestinal health, respiratory health, and vital joints.
NYO3 has been internationally recognized since its development. NYO3 is a strategic brand of Aker BioMarine in Norway and the third largest cooperative brand in the world. Aker is the world's No. 1 krill company and a Fortune 500 company. The current international awards that NYO3 has won include: NUTRA 2020&2022 Global Nutrition Ingredient Award, ORIVO-"THE MOST INFLUENTIAL AND INNOVATIVE BRAND OF THE YEAR 2021" (2021 Most Influential and Creative Brand Award), three years of Aurora reflecting quality assurance Gold Award, Krill Oil Outstanding Contribution Gold Award, Gold Amundsen Gift Box London Design Gold Award, etc. As a core member of the "Norwegian Health Products Cluster Organization" under Innovation Norway, he was awarded a certificate by the Counselor of the Norwegian Embassy in China. It is a featured brand that is invited to participate in the China International Import Expo-Nordic Pavilion, Service Trade Fair-Norway Pavilion, Norwegian Embassy-Norway Bazaar every year, and has been recommended by Ambassador Bai Sina and Counselor Mr. Rolf. NYO3 Amundsen Commemorative Krill Oil has achieved No. 1 in the category of krill oil in all cross-border channels, and many products such as fish oil, seal oil, coenzyme, and liver protection have also entered the industry TOP level.

Winner of 2023 Prize

Design of Package Design


"ZUI XIHU" is a beer packaging design inspired by the beautiful scenery and culture of West Lake in Hangzhou. By showcasing the impressions of lush mountains, lucid waters, sunset glow, and white snow, it captures the fusion and convergence of colors, highlighting its charm. This design integrates unique concepts, carefully selected elements, elegant color application, the significance of cultural exchange, emotionally rich font usage, and consideration for environmental protection, perfectly blending the beauty of West Lake's scenery and culture. Poetically, it harmonizes fine wine, poetic inspiration, and friendship, conveying the unique charm and open spirit of Hangzhou to the world.

Design by Hangzhou Langwei Brand Planning Co., Ltd.

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Winner of 2022 SILVER Prize

Design of Package Design


. This is a children’s soothing repair cream packaging full of playfulness. The design of its appearance is inspired by the molecular structure of cyanobacteria, and the design language is based on the planet and clouds. The whole is a rounded spherical body, simple and exquisite. The cloud shape in the top cover, with a smooth and continuous arc, playful and vivid, like floating in the air, reflecting the dynamic beauty of the cloud, full of childlike interest, can attract children’s attention, help he/she develop a good habit of independent skin care. Meanwhile, freeing the mother’s hands to devote more time and energy to herself.
The cloud in the transparent cover is added with color-changing mica, which has a smart light change reminder function to sense the temperature and humidity of surrounding environment, that is, when the environment becomes dry and cold, the clouds will turn blue, reminding the child to apply the repair cream in time. The child can also adjust the application frequency and dosage according to the shade of blue, protecting the child’s skin and helping he/she develop a good habit of independent skin care since childhood.

. The overall size of this repair cream is in line with the size and structure of children’s hands, ensuring that the overall shape is more suitable for children’s fingers, effortless to hold. And it also takes into account the convenience of children’s travel. The packaging is round, without sharp edges or corners, preventing accidents caused by children accidentally bumping. In addition, the connection between the top cover and the bottle body adopts a snap design, which can help the child determine whether the cover is closed.
The main materials used in its body is an environmentally friendly one: PET with good chemical resistance, which is nontoxic, odorless and recyclable, meeting environmental protection requirements, and conforms to the concept of sustainable development, green and environmentally friendly.
The bottle body of this repair cream is matched according to the international color matching standard, which is in line with international standards and international aesthetics. Taking blue-violet + white as main colors, with circular elements, it vividly transforms into a happy planet for children, playing happily in the clouds, integrating simplicity, fantasy and texture.

Design by Guangzhou good skin Technology Co., Ltd

Hi!Papa is a new generation of children’s skin care brand established in 2019, focusing on the field of children's skin care, dedicated to providing children with exclusive skin care solutions and solving children’s needs for exclusive skin care.
In 2019, in PCbaby’s product evaluation, which is known as the “Oscars of the Mother and Baby World”, Hi!Papa won two awards, “Annual Quality Choice” and “Annual Word of Mouth Recommendation”, and is the only domestic brand that has won this honor.
In 2021, at the “Zanxin Brand Growth Summit” jointly held by Youzan and Xinbang, Hi!Papa won the honor of “Annual Investment Potential Brand”; In the “Golden Baby Award”, Hi!Papa, as a leading brand in China’s child care industry, won the “Annual Baby Care Award” this year.

The Tree Tea on Bulang Mountain
Winner of 2022 Innovation Prize

Design of Package Design


. Through the analysis and excavation of the visual cultural connotation of the 12 zodiac signs, combined with the visual effects of embossment without printing ink and penetrating iron, the unique artistic language and expressions of the 12 zodiac signs with Chinese national characteristics are integrated into the product packaging design, so as to promote and spread the uniqueness of Chinese zodiac culture. A good tea, with a high-end packaging, adds more color to the tea, not only suitable for placing at home, but also suitable for relatives and friends.
The appearance design of the packaging box is round, which symbolizes the beautiful meaning of reunion. It not only has the beauty of traditional design, but also represents people's expectations for a happy life. The front of the tin box is surrounded by 12 lifelike zodiac signs, dark blue with golden carvings, elegant but not luxurious. Above the iron box is a building full of modernity, which is a collision between traditional culture and modern architecture. Today, traditional culture is also entering the whole society in a state of advancing with the times, and today's new culture is giving birth to a new culture and forming a new cultural form.


A CREATION PACKAGING (SHENZHEN)LIMITED is a comprehensive enterprise integrating design, development, production, sales and service with a series of advanced supporting facilities, such as five printing machines, three metal coating machines, two sets of plate-making machines and plate-baking machines. Provide high-end packaging for gift companies, advertising design companies, food factories, wholesalers and other large, medium and small enterprises. The products include exquisite business gifts, wedding gifts, advertising gifts, electronic gifts, etc. Through product planning, design, processing, packaging solutions and other services to achieve and meet the needs of customers at different levels.