IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024

Barn by the river

Barn by the river
Winner of 2022 GOLD Prize

Design of Green Architecture


Where water meets land, a boundary that is constantly changing due to regular changes in the water level, lies the new National Floating Museum and Competence Center for Wetlands (NFKV). The museum’s context, is a mix between river, wetland, fields, meadow and the local community. This is the center of the building’s design - the barn by the river.

Design by Jonas Aarsø

nikolova/aarsø (n/a) is a young architecture and design studio which solely think, design and creates in biobased materials. Architecture and design is at the early stage of a new era, where humanism, health and wellbeing will reenter as the primary parameters, and new natural aesthetics will define the future context. Conventional construction methods and materials cannot deliver on the parameters the future users will demand. This understanding of the transition, and a wish to push forward biobased arhictecture and design, is the foundation of our studio.

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