IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024

Bamboo Culture Museum

Bamboo Culture Museum
Winner of 2023 Innovation Prize

Design of Exhibition Space


Construction time: July-November 2022
The Bamboo Culture Museum is located in the Bamboo Industry Demonstration Park of Chishui City, Guizhou Province, China. The demonstration park, with 22,000 square meter, fully displays various ecological bamboo and integrated bamboo in space applications. Among them, the public art installations composed of original bamboo, and door head, porch, bamboo corridor, interactive space constructed by infinite bamboo and public furniture, are displayed in the field of public art. In the museum, the history, context, distribution of bamboo species and the development history of bamboo industry in the world, China and Guizhou are presented to visitors through the forms of sound, light, electricity and multimedia.
The concept of Bamboo Culture Museum is from physical space to cognitive space. That is, we hope to interpret bamboo's inherent spiritual and physical properties and its wide application in space through full creativity; In recreating its unique space, it also recreates for the audience its limitless imagination, wider applications, more possibilities, and its aesthetic blueprint. In the interactive and immersive cultural space, the audience can understand the value of bamboo culture in architecture, home furnishing, public art and daily life.
Following the sound of birds and streams, we enter the stairway space more than ten meters high. The bamboo forest on both sides of the steps is soaring into the sky. Under the interaction of gilt projection, the waterfall made by bamboo strips flies down, reproducing the virtual reality scene by contemporary art.
The original two pillars on the second floor of the museum are designed as bamboo art installations, which symbolize a sacred breathing flower and embody the space and scale, symmetry and balance, cadence and rhythm of the bamboo structure with its unique composition form.
From the beginning and launching of the project to every builder and even every audience, we can truly feel the distinct personality and temperament of bamboo culture here. With culture and art as the guide and innovation and openness as the connotation, Guizhou Bamboo Culture Museum opens a great future for the present and future of bamboo industry.

Design by Ge qiantao Studio

Founded in 1993, Ge Qiantao Space Design Studio is based in Shanghai's multicultural background, with innovation as the core and natural materials as the research object. Its fields contain architecture, public art, interior, overall planning, planning, graphic design and product design services.
The diversity of the project promoted to the studio having a design team with an international background. The international vision of design makes the studio a "pioneer" who constantly pushes boundaries.
For a long time, with the spirit of place as the research object and local culture as the carrier, the studio intervenes in cities, villages and communities through art, architecture and design, so as to create interaction between Spaces, transform ideas and reconstruct humanity, while activating history and tradition, coining new possibilities and enlightening the future.

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