IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024

1000㎡ highly customized villa, minimalism and art

1000㎡ highly customized villa, minimalism and art
Winner of 2022 Innovation Prize

Design of TOP 10 Designer


Half art, half life life
The high texture of the space is often presented in the simplest and most intuitive form.
"Less is more" less is much, stylist is more with pure white background color, high fixed furniture quality and fine package hide inside, below the diffuse of sunlight, without cold feeling, the magic power of light will the high texture of the space is vividly out.
Living room, it is the shared space in household life.
Designers draw design inspiration from life and build a diversified, full-age and multi-functional public domain. The space is transparent and bright, and the 270 large-area glass window brings the sunshine of Sanya and Xi into the room, greatly ensuring the ventilation and lighting. And the hollow screen of light escape environment, the style of sublimation space, space more possibilities.
Home, is not a reinforced concrete pile of the house.
A house is almost impossible to build. Home, is a place that needs to invest in emotion, wisdom and love, three meals and four seasons, and time together, nourish each other.
Have a private heaven and earth, pretend under the beautiful life, prosperous do not break quiet.
Hermes furniture and art works interact in the space, becoming the center of the vision and the soul of the space, instantly bringing the fashion atmosphere and advanced sense into the space.
Open pattern is the space suddenly open, is the emotional unimpeded.
In the living room is resting, busy in the kitchen, sitting in the dining room waiting for the family members, do not disturb each other and can fully interact.
The background atmosphere of ink texture is just like eating in the landscape. The ring lighting echoes with the solid wooden round table heaven and earth, namely the meaning of "reunion", which is the same emotional distance between people. From the inside and outside is the tone and texture that the designer wants to express.
The gentle and pure wood and the low luxury of the cortex collide in the space. The designer uses a simple but has a sense of design to give the western restaurant a spatial and differentiated personality. Sit by the sunny window and eat breakfast slowly and start a beautiful day.
Forbes magazine has repeatedly declared that the important indicator of quality of life in the future will not be private swimming pools, private gyms, but private wine cabinets.
Simple is not simple, the space is properly separated by the partition, scattered at random, in good order. It is the extension of the designer's thoughtful design ideas, not a simple "pile up" and plain "put". Whether it is together, or alone, thin drunk, the soul will be arbitrary release.
The environment has the effect of reshaping and reconstructing the influence, while the design is to highly refine this positive effect and convey the perceptual resonance between art and spirit.
Peace, tranquility and privacy are the direction of people, and function, aesthetics and art are all pursued by the occurrence of emotion.
The artistic light sense of clear sunlight, tree shadow whirling and white metope, ink charm carpet are integrated, and the four seasons scenery is always in. Gentle, warm, the green branches are blown by the breeze, and the sound of the music together to deduce the impromptu moving movement, romantic, poetic, excited...., feel the spirit of a new emotional joy and wonderful.
Study, it is to link ego and spirit, seek this true space. Everyone should have enough, free spatial scale.
What the designer presents is not only the quality and details of Hermes, but also a noble symbol and the expression of high quality lifestyle.
There are clouds in the poem, beyond the image, beyond the limit; in the ring, the circle is mixed, such as Tai Chi.
"Circle" is an important spiritual element in traditional Chinese culture. Designers try to make the space understand the wisdom of getting along with people, have comfortable and quiet vision, and watch the clouds.
The restraint of material and invisible texture shorten the distance between space and people, and balance the natural light and the texture of space, resulting in the comfortable and comfortable living space.
This is a kind of design and inspiration from nature, the light and shadow are refracted in the air and diffuse, the lines are infinite extension, the space is invisible more graceful and clever.
Continue the minimalist and pure, strong and clear lines and soft bed products visually form a strong aesthetic style, collision out of diverse space charm and comfortable atmosphere.
Through the collision of color, exquisite material and minimalist layout, the integration of high luxury and comfortable space is realized. Free, casual, fresh, pure......
Pink is the color of the girl's color, the bubble rising up in the laughter, carrying the girl's dream, into the colorful round hanging painting, into the chandelier that can be lit. Childhood time is like a dream, pure and full of fun.
High-set luxury is still villa, minimalist artistic life, pure tone, flowing lines and spatial structure are integrated, in the transformation of point, line, surface, square and circle extension, launched the exploration of the future high-quality life.

Design by Harry

Shenzhen Jinggong Building Decoration Group Co. LTD Dean of the Eighth Branch;
Senior Interior Architect;
Master of International Interior Design Management, Polytechnic University of Milan;
Member of China Architectural Decoration Association;
Asia Pacific Hotel Design Membe;
Member of CIID China Design Association;
A Member of the IBID International Design Committee;
2017 China-Arab States International Design Exchange Exhibition- -International Excellent Design Award;
ID + G 4th Golden Creative Award-Club space category-Top ten Design Award; 2018 Japan IDPA International Pioneer Design Award-Architectural Space category-Silver Award;
2017 Japan IDPA International Pioneer Design Award-Commercial Exhibition Space category-Silver Award;
Born in 1988, he graduated from the Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy. He has studied environmental art design and interior design in Domus Academy Institute of Design, Italy and ICS Institute of Art in Tokyo, Japan.
Has participated in a number of international representative interior decoration design;
Good at real estate sales center, model room, hotel, club and other commercial space, presided over the design of many commercial space including Barcelona Villa, Jinglong Hotel, Ningbo Platinum Hotel and other private residential projects.
Due to his love for Oriental Zen, he has gone to India, Nepal, Tibet and other birthplace of Buddhist civilization for many study Tours, published papers "Zen Culture", "Tibetan Fragrance", and many articles in "Dream Space" magazine in Shenzhen.
Shenzhen Jinggong Building Decoration Group Co. LTD Shenzhen crystal palace building decoration group co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "crystal palace adornment") was established in March 1985, is specialized in interior decoration design and construction as the main body, building curtain wall, mechanical and electrical equipment installation, intelligent building, fire control facilities, steel structure engineering, purification, exhibition As one of the professional building decoration companies such as Chen.

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