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Italy International Design Award 2024

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Zhongliang • One Huangshi Binjiang – by Juncheng SHEN


This work uses a new Chinese style, flowers, trees, and stones to accommodate the heaven and earth aura. The mountain-shaped water idea, the modern design technique collides with the oriental elements, and the space carries the breath of mountains, sea and clouds. New Chinese style interpretation, etiquette is the root of it, with modern line geometry and neutrality of tones, both the preservation of etiquette and the thinking of space. The circle of oriental elements, the symmetric sequence of the chapters, and the penetration and fusion of traditional culture in contemporary space. The poetic oriental merges into the mountains and the sea, and comes from a dream. In the junction between tradition and modernity, you can perceive, search, and sketch a mountain and sea dream that belongs to you alone.

Shen Juncheng:

Founder & Chief Designer Registered Senior Interior Designer
Executive Director of Wenzhou Special Committee of CIID Architectural Society
National Executive Director of CIDA China Interior Design Association
Member of IFI International Federation of Interior Architects Groups
Design concept: "Design creativity comes from life, from traditional culture, and from constant learning"
New Design Forces 2013-2015-Top Ten Designers
The 4th China International Space Environment Art Design Competition (Nesting Award)
Excellence Award 2015 Aite Award Model House Nomination Award CBDA2017 China Design Elite Designer 2017 Elite Design-China Building Decoration Association 2019 IDPA China-Japan International Pioneer Design Award 2019 TOP100 International Impact Innovative Designer Award 2019GROHE.
China Residential Design Elite List National 108 Craftsmen

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