IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024


Winner of 2022 SILVER Prize

Design of Real Estate Sales


Xiangyang, a prefecture level city in Hubei Province, is located in the middle reaches of the Han River. With developed land and water, Xiangyang gathers talents and cultures from all over the world. It is a microcosm of the entire Han River culture.
With "modern style" as the leading style, build high-end residential buildings with "art/urban luxury" as the core.
Modeling: The lake viewing block is arranged by the academy, and the local modeling of the appearance is evolved from the elements of the book.
Daylighting: The sales office adopts a large area of glass curtain wall, with transparent lighting and lake view.
Height: The sales office building has three floors above the ground, and the first floor is 4.9m high. Some of them can be designed to be cantilevered.
Design concept: the pursuit of natural health, spiritual pursuit and space pursuit.
Color analysis: Red | Ultimate "If the miracle has color, it must be Chinese red".
Xiangyang is a national famous historical and cultural city and the birthplace of Jingchu culture. This case combines local culture and takes the academy as the design clue to create Zexin community culture. Red occupies an important position in Xiangyang Ancient City, Lumen Academy, Longzhong Academy and other ancient buildings, and red is the background color of Chinese culture. Therefore, this case extracts red to brighten the tone of the whole space and create the beauty of the sales office.

Design by Shanghai Lestyle Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1999, LeStyle is a one-stop interior design agency engaged in interior design and decoration design. It commits itself to providing professional design services for hotels, clubhouses, office buildings, sales centers, show flats and high-end residential projects to global high-profile real estate and commercial enterprises.
Upon 16 years’ development, Lestyle now possesses a professional design team with 130 staff. With “creative design and careful planning” as its philosophy, its designers are encouraged to provide unconstrained design ideas and to carry them out strictly. On basis of excellent design management, the company pays much concern to clients’ demands so as to provide professional design services beyond clients’ expectation. LeStyle has successively established strategic partnership with Vanke, Gemdale, Wharf Holdings, and China Overseas Property etc., and has won high recognitions from the clients.

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