IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024

Professional Award -- Innovation 

Design Real Estate Sale

Yanfeng·Yunshang Sales Center


Put aside the flashy, noisy appearance, restore life authentic. Yanfeng Real Estate teamed up with CHY Art&Design Consultants to build the Yanfeng·Yunshang Sales Center. Through the geometric abstract expression of modern art, the space visual center is set off in a flexible, soft and light art form, emphasizing the deep emotional spirit given by modern art to the space. . Shallow plum blossoms and clean makeup, fluttering green sleeves and fluttering clouds. Sand panel chandelier, clear crystal theme pendant like flowing clouds, taking the changing shape of "cloud" in the sky as the direction of the design concept. Through the smooth movement, the sight can freely walk in the space, and the crystal ornaments enhance the memory and modernity of the space.


The emerald green and white chairs in the negotiation area give the original gray space a bright color. The moon-shaped decorative disk is dotted on the wall, echoing the theme of Yunshan Yuyi looking forward to the moon.
The designer hopes to create a pure and clean space, using high-grade gray as the main color of the space, embellished with bright yellow furniture, and advancing layer by layer, softening the stiffness brought by the gray space, injecting softness and vitality into the space while improving Overall texture.
In order to create a stylish and delicate atmosphere, the designer chose a flexible and soft arc as the visual element that runs through the theme, hoping to convey a willing and intimate atmosphere.
If the furniture is rounded with a low back to emphasize the closeness and affinity of the space, all kinds of chandeliers and wall lamps emphasize the order of the space in the form of an array, but at the same time, they break the sense of order in a light linear form.
The three-dimensional sculpture emphasizes the iteration of two-dimensional and three-dimensional spaces, and the designer coloring controls the overall tone. The color matching of pillows, accessories, flowers and furniture is linked to the color matching of the character paintings on the wall. The flat paintings are placed in the space and echo the three-dimensional art and space environment. Its linkage and fun stimulate another kind of art and thinking .
Enjoy the exquisite and elegant VIP room, the use of dirty orange in soft decoration, supplemented by the change and integration of materials, exquisitely interpret the elegant taste of the space, and at the same time integrate the breath of life into the design, construct light luxury and connotation , Textured space environment.

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