IIDA Italy International Design Award

Professional Award -- SILVER 

Design of Real Estate Sale Center

Xiamen Sunshine City Longen Lijingwan Sales Office


Dehua County, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, is located in the central part of Fujian Province, with a long history of humanities. As one of the three porcelain capitals in ancient China, it has the reputation of "hometown of Chinese ceramics". Thousands of square kilometers of Dehua land is covered with ancient porcelain kiln sites and pieces of ancient porcelain. These bright or gorgeous tiles are like pearls inlaid on the earth, lighting up Dehua's ancient and modern times.
If design is responsible for the soft decoration design of this project. The design takes "historical culture", "vanguard culture" and "future culture" as the three major themes, and unfolds a journey of thinking about the past and the present and looking forward to the future in the space.
Brick is an ancient and traditional building material. A touch of red brick, thick original aesthetic feeling. Because of the advantages of low cost and high strength, it once became the common building materials for civil buildings and factories. But when the brick meets the design, facing all kinds of infinite creativity and fantastic ideas, it can be so beautiful that you can't imagine.


From the reception hall, I touch the texture of red brick and go further in memory.
The whole space of reception desk is arched. With the use of red brick, the overall space is like an ancient kiln. Marble floor and reception table, with a large area of red brick wall, create a new flavor in the mixture. The lighting with avant-garde artistic sense brings artistic atmosphere to the space. Layers of arch, in the visual effect, let a person full of amazing.
When you enter from the arch, the space expands instantly. The red art installation with transparent luster is hanging on the sand table. The artistic installation has a unique shape and a strong sense of movement. In the sun, like the outspread wings. Different degrees of red, arranged layer by layer, is the designer's ingenuity and the pursuit of the ultimate beauty.
The art installation in the sand table area is made of acrylic material, with its light and reflective characteristics, it leaves a real and illusory shadow on the wall. Its red inspiration comes from the color of local red porcelain in Dehua. The beauty of red porcelain is in itself a touch of red.
The seats and art installations in the in-depth negotiation area are a combination of retro and innovation. Modern materials, modern sofas and flower art all show the modern flavor. And retro color brings a sense of retro to the space. It is worth mentioning that on the red brick wall are white relief paintings, which are simple but not simple.
The design breaks away from the single tonality, embraces the simplicity in the complexity, seemingly tedious but precipitates the beauty of simplicity, and the seemingly simple modeling is the exhibition of art, which reflects a new vitality and vitality and creates exclusive value. Across time in space, create a sales office with art by design.

If Design

Co founder, creative director & General Manager: Zhang Yu
Co founder, design director: Lu Shangfeng
Partner: Hardware Design Director: Zhang dianchen
Company website: http://www.ifdesign-sh.com
IF.DESIGN Feather fruit design always adheres to the concept of "aesthetics / life / rebirth". Constantly cross the border to ensure the forward-looking and innovative design. Respect customers' characteristics and cultural diversity, and inject never satisfied enterprising force into a better life.