IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024

Weinan Zhonghai Xuefuli Marketing Center

Weinan Zhonghai Xuefuli Marketing Center
Winner of 2022 SILVER Prize

Design of Real Estate Sales


A banquet at the Tang Palace The Chinese traditional culture is vast, and Zhonghai Xue Fu Li, with the historical culture of Tang Dynasty architecture as its core, carries the spirit of classical Chinese architecture and prosperity, interweaving traditional aesthetics in modern design, using the most natural gesture to condense the eternity in time, and realising it in the form of artistic design. Xi'an, also known as Chang'an in ancient times, is the ancient capital of the 13th dynasty, which has carried thousands of years of cultural deposits and historical changes in China. The exhibition presents ancient and modern cultural carriers side by side in the same space, and allows time, space, light and shadow, and culture to intertwine, converge and flow here, bringing a spatial landscape experience that travels through time and space and geography. The Twelve Hours of Chang'an is a dialogue between the future and the past through time. Entering the reception lobby, the black and white marble countertop adds a touch of ink and wash, while the vintage red wall and metal frame collide to create an elegant 'painting', and through a few spatial strokes, the mountains and ravines in the distance and the people living in the near future, movement and mood come together and fit. The modern constructivist space of the transept allows for the inheritance and integration of new art forms, providing the viewer with a pure sense of spatial beauty, combining space with art and giving the space a soul; through the opening and closing of the landscape and spatial contrasts, guiding the perception of space and strengthening spatial scale contrasts; respecting the spirit of nature. The space is created in the spirit of 'a landscape before a mountain, a landscape before a step'. The whole atrium landscape is introduced into the interior as the largest artwork in the space, and a vivid three-dimensional painting is spread out to transform the classical oriental garden of four waters into the largest art installation in the space. "When it rain falls from all sides into the patio like 'flowing silver', signifying the gathering of water in the heart of heaven and the unity of heaven and man. The spatial field surrounded by the structure and the corridors looking at each other create a spatial relationship that can be travelled, viewed and lived in in terms of movement. The banqueting room on the first floor is decorated with elegant utensils and decorated with ethereal paintings to give it a long and lingering mood. A special tea cabinet has been added to display the collection and also serve as storage. In the tea room, one can feel a sense of peace and comfort, a temporary break from the hustle and bustle of the busy world. The space extends from the living room and tea room to the dining room, bringing oriental elegance into modern living. Sunrise and sunset, the cycle of day and night, time is invisible, sought in the shallow traces of everything, time is silent, listened to in the words of poetry, twelve hours, is a cycle. The sound of pounding is fixed, and people have fallen into silence, leaving behind the chaotic smoke and the flying moon, and the shaking of the rivers and mountains. The twelve hours of Chang'an have come to an end.


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