IIDA Italy International Design Award

Professionnal Award 

Design Cultural Office



Designers bring a variety of plastic arts to the space, which is clear and texture, far away from the emotional space form. Throughout the whole space, we can feel the mild atmosphere change and comfortable work experience.
Through the perception of the shape, material, color and texture of the spatial structure, we can meet the inner temperature and feelings, and move ourselves. At the same time, we can let this kind of moving affect everyone. We can find the original, find the true self, and get the state of mind. At the same time, it is also a dialogue of mutual dependence.


This case is embellished with meaningful, elegant and simple background color. It exists in the posture of quiet and peaceful acceptance, presenting natural harmony, simple materials and artistic elements. With the unique design logic thinking and the [original concept] caused by the cognition of material aesthetics and life aesthetics, this case creates an office space that belongs to our future life style and nature.
There is no forced functional partition in the space morphological characteristics, and the permeability is enhanced. It is simple, elegant, elegant or quiet. The designer adopts the form of artistic display and works display. By analyzing and responding to the changes of self temperature and emotional expression, the limited space is set with authority, which represents freedom and brightness, active thinking mode and dialogue between emotion and nature Different scales and spatial functions of the wood floor and other three-dimensional relationship of space settings, in order to achieve the space itself in the retraction and release of its relationship has a certain penetration, can guide the role of thinking!
Design concept: design is to produce different degrees of material beauty in the process of combing the light. This relationship with nature seeks the most essential and comfortable symbiotic and interactive relationship, while allowing the original initial state to carry out self exploration and innovation!


A designer, brand consultant and artist, Mr GING has led the company to numerous local and international design awards in his 28 years of exploration and design career. The design style is highly praised by all walks of life and brings a new influence to the young generation of designers.
Founder/principal architect of woden architects
Design director of Shanghai SIX CONDITION space design office
WAH luo yang original decoration design engineering co. LTD
The practitioner of reconstruction of contemporary life aesthetics and life style s.