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Italy International Design Award 2024

Unique Love Land of dramsa

Unique Love Land of dramsa
Winner of 2022 SILVER Prize

Design of Lanscape


. English Name: Unique Love · Land of dramas
Investment Operation: Holland Flower Sea Tourist Resort
Location: Holland Flower Sea Scenic Spot "Unique Love Land·of dramas" Theater
Viewing Format: Marching performance time 2020-06-19
"Unique Love · Land of dramas" is a new large-scale immersive experience drama. The project is located in the Dutch Flower Sea Scenic Spot in Yancheng, Jiangsu Province. From architectural space design to plot content design concepts, all revolve around the theme of "love" and showing various types of love. By constructing special spatial combinations to present different forms of drama plots and to create a unique and rich love experience for the audience. "Unique Love ·Land of dramas" is planned and designed against the background of the scenic scenery of 10,000 acres of flower sea and island lakes, and the island-like layout creates a pure space about love. The only thing between the island and the valley is the colorful glass house. The colorful glass house is arranged with different flowers to match the performers' love. The colorful and rich architectural space inside the Illusion steel curtain wall tells the tenets of love...
"Unique Love · Land of dramas" is Wang Chaoge 's second directorial work in the "Unique" series "Land of dramas" after the "Impression" series of live performances and the "See Again" series of situational experience dramas. "Unique Love·Land of dramas" consists of six theaters: Ruyue Theater, Ruxin Theater, Ruhua Theater, Ruge Theater, and Ruyi Theater. Among them, the "Ruhua" theater is located in the sea of flowers in the form of scattered points, breaking the boundary between stage and audience in traditional theater. When the audience strolls among the flowers, they will also meet with love by chance. And the romance is far more than that, the main theater "Ruyue" and "Ruxin" constitute a schematic picture of love when you see it in the air. They are located in about 3,000 acres of Dutch flower sea tourist resorts, with love as the theme and exploring the essence of life. "Unique Love·Land of dramas" interprets the new connotation of global tourism, fills the gap of large-scale cultural tourism projects in our province, and hopes to become a unique new cultural landmark in the Yangtze River Delta region.

Design by Xiaoting Ji

Ms. Xiaoting Ji, a well-known landscape architect in China, is the pioneer of China's new scenes. Pioneer of China Tourist Scenic Spot Drama Park; Intensive Cultivator of Chinese Cultural Architectural Heritage and Environmentally Sustainable Developments. As the chief designer of LJEE DESIGN GROUP, she has been committed to planning, architecture, landscape, and environmental sustainability design for many years. Her design projects have spread to major cities in China. And she has completed a large number of important landscape design projects in various cities, which have been well received. Her design concept and design forms have had a large influence on the field of landscape design in China today, and at the same time also won many honors for the company. Between 2010 and 2017, she led the team cooperating with many of China's strongest real estate development partners. Partners include Vanke, Gemdale, Vantone, CITIC Group, Sino-Ocean, China Railway Group, Zhongxin Group, HNA Group, Minsheng Group, Huaxia Happiness Group, etc., which represents China's real estate benchmark for development enterprises. Complete villas, high-rises, garden houses, courtyards of various types of residential projects, as well as commercial, office hotel apartments, and other types of projects. Since 2017, she has cooperated with the government and scenic spots and has begun to explore the design of pioneering landscape boundaries such as landscape + art, landscape + drama, landscape + cultural tourism, landscape + heritage protection, etc. She pioneered the dimension of landscape as a carrier, adding many content, functions, and usage relationships. As a special guest of the China Urban Construction Committee, she has repeatedly discussed the social value significance of neo-scenes. Xiaoting Ji is a pure designer, who loves design, loves life, loves human and cultural history, and she regards design as a journey, drama, and civilization. Her continuously innovative attempts to expand the boundaries of landscape industry development, touching people with one work after another. For her, "Landscape +" is the future of the landscape industry, and she has left a strong mark on the current Chinese landscape industry.

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