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Time flow since the future – by Yaonian LI


Project Name: Time flow since the future
The infinite curve is the abstract of the universe. One end is connected with the infinite past and the other is connected with the infinite future. There are only irregular random fluctuations in the middle. The peaks are like grains of sand with different sizes ——San Ti


As for dreams, they will never arrive if they don't start. We have unlimited imagination about the future. The building is like a spaceship from outer space, suspended on Dongqian Lake. The story about us and the future is thus unfolded. Without any distractions, the best path is simplified, and unnecessary trivialities are subtracted. Simplicity and directness are his inner hard core.
The elements of multi-faceted corner of the building are continued. Through the three-dimensional folding of metal materials and the division of gray and white color blocks, different three-dimensional spaces are integrated, and the three-dimensional sense and the sense of strength in the space are displayed perfectly.
The large open French window, like a transparent cockpit of a spaceship, breaks through the limitations of the viewer's vision, and at the same time, maximizes its artistic expression tension.
The past and the future, meet here, pure color matching and future sense of line processing, give people a sense of foresight!
Blue works of art, like elements in memory, are static and eternal, just like the intellectual and inclusive thinking face of this city.
Between the blue and the mountains and lakes, we can see the freedom of mountains and lakes, and the dialogue between the sky and the sky is full of clouds.

Sea, land and air, is a heaven and earth, is also a natural, here to see the future, how cool!
The quiet lakeside, we are still young, still full of enthusiasm, infinite glory in our hearts.
The bar formed by broken lines runs through the vertical extension of the volume, and integrates with the whole space from a unique perspective. The life and lines of the natural space come together, and the bar extends infinitely with hope for the future.
Art endows space with life, just like the stars in the glorious years. They set off with dreams. These are the gifts of the future to us. With a forever young heart, they complete the mutual inspiration between people and space.
The transparent film of the ceiling and the sand table complement each other, and the metal hollowed out point light source on the column is orderly decorated, which emphasizes the sense of technology and power at the same time Warm and smart.
The tension is deduced by the combination of lines and surfaces. The large-scale white tone embeds the sense of technology of the future. The zigzag black stairs, like a space-time tunnel leading to the future, separate, transform and reorganize the whole space, increasing the richness of the connection between the first floor and the second floor, and realizing the space transition from aggregation to evacuation.
With the smooth lines of the future sense of science and technology, to guide the flow of people and the wandering of visual points, so that the space can withstand the test of time. If you are here, let's look up at the sky together, create the world together, watch the flow of time together, and witness the coming of the future together.

Li Yaonian

Founder & Design Director of Shanghai Yaonian Space Design Co., Ltd Mr. Li Yaonian has studied in Royal College of ARF, London, UK. He has travel experience in East and west countries and many years of working experience in overseas design institutions. He has integrated international design concepts and oriental culture. He has a keen and unique understanding of international fashion culture. He is good at combining fashion, art, culture and space perfectly to deduce connotative and tasteful Space design style, the achievement of many East and West elements mix and match classic works. Company profile

N. Design Yaonian space design company, formed by a passionate young team, is a growing and thinking company with good professional quality and service awareness, specializing in the overall design of sales offices, model rooms, clubs and other spaces. It is a modern mainstream design organization with space design and soft decoration service as the main body. It provides high-quality design concept and professional design service for the project, provides forward-looking and reasonable creative scheme, and emphasizes the perfect integration of culture and quality.
Awards and honors
2019 GPDP Award International Design Award
Top 100 international influential innovative designers of the year;
2019 American International Innovation Design Award
Top 100 international influential Designer Award of the year;
The 7th Golden Creative Award International Space Design Competition in 2019
Real estate sales space - Bronze Award

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