IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024

Professional Award -- SILVER 

Culture Office Design

Tianjin Construction Engineering Group Architectural Design Co., Ltd


Exploring high efficiency workspace is the starting point of the initial design. The design of the whole space uses a large number of rough steel structure array decoration and natural comfortable environment to form an interesting contrast. The spacious sharing connects up and down, connecting each space. Organized space and modular design convey the company's rigorous and reliable image everywhere, and play a role in motivating employees to go all out in their work.

In order to alleviate the fatigue of employees in daily work, intelligent fresh air, scientific lighting and long-term working HVAC system are added to the space to maintain a constant indoor temperature design. There are a variety of relaxed and active leisure spaces, a large number of green indoor planting, and equipped with group office furniture that conforms to human engineering, all of which provide more rest and communication opportunities for people,. Focusing on healthy design can not only improve personal professional ability, but also consolidate the sense of identity to the company, so as to achieve the goal of work and rest balance. The whole space expresses the design concept of rigorous, efficient, not the biggest and only the most responsible.

Chen Wenbin

Tianjin Kaiwenfei Space Design Co., Ltd
Design Director / Founder
CBDA Senior Interior Architect of China Building Decoration Association
Designer of interior design branch of CIID

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