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Italy International Design Award 2024

Professional Award -- Innovation  

Design Real Estate Sale Center

The realm of creation, The Boundless Union


The greatest truths are the simplest
A great instrument is made by heart
The sun and moon, light and shadow, moving line, people's heart, the transition, the thread, the heart is also quiet
Don't forget the splendor of mountains, lakes and the sea, and we who pursue light with our hearts!
Project Name: Fenghua Qixuan Sales Office
Address: Haiyan, Jiaxing
Area 450m2
Completion time: October 2019
Main design: Li Yaonian
Design participants: Kai Qi, Chen Gang, Fei Yudi, Jiang Qi, Tang Hongbin
Design Institute: Yaonian design
Photographer: Zhang Siye

The wind and spring are forever, the water reflects the dusk, and the mountain is clear.


Modern civilization
Orderly arrangement of concrete, noisy and busy city life, do you want to escape? To find, poetry and the distance, stars and the sea, high mountains and wide land!
To give space life with water, and to interpret the Oriental style of Zen and quietness with space, to find the pure land of soul in the troubled city.
"Land of fish and rice, land of rites and proprieties", the elegant scholars on the edge of Hangzhou Bay are elegant and poetic. In the long history, they are calm and calm, simple but with texture.
The so-called "big appearance is invisible", which is completed by the invisible design concept. The combination of traditional oriental artistic conception and modern aesthetic thought turns the invisible into tangible.
Standing above the oriental culture, "the spirit of water, the rhyme of water and the dance of water" advance the space layer by layer in different forms of water,
It aims to present the elegant artistic atmosphere of "the wind and the spring are forever, the water reflects the dusk and the mountain is clear". Let the space become more clear and vivid than ever before.
The elegant city character is the best source of inspiration. It can slowly express the spirit and nature of space by singing and chanting.
Through the surging waves, we can see the starry sky under the night sky and the ripples on the north and South Lake. In an instant, the stars are brilliant in my heart.
On the shore, the ferry man, in the dark night, sent a light, with a smile, showing the symbiosis of people and things in space, warm, quiet and full of power.
With poetic north and South Lake, imagine boating among them, accompanied by the patter of light rain, the fragrance of grass and trees in the air, in order to reflect the peaceful and warm tone of space.
Humanistic painting environment, green plants, who are good at painting, from the limitless style, can be painted. In the market, you can enjoy yourself.
Even in the dark, but also to radiate light, with this beam of light, with the same original heart, fearless forward!
The blue stairs, which are rocked up, perform a dance of water rhyme, light and shadow, and natural landscape, forming a complete picture. Blue gives people intuitive sensory experience, digests the sense of enclosure brought by the space itself, and highlights the spatial visual center with flexible, soft and light shape
Inheriting our consistent space, we combine the traditional oriental artistic conception and modern aesthetic thought with the invisible design idea, and transform the intangible into the tangible. No matter the landscape, the architecture and the interior are all in harmony with the cultural connotation. The "artistic conception, the material environment and the situation" are integrated naturally, which means that the interior and the outside are accessible, and the environment is born from the heart.

Li Yaonian

Founder & Design Director of Shanghai Yaonian Space Design Co., Ltd
Mr. Li Yaonian has studied in Royal College of ARF, London, UK. He has travel experience in East and west countries and many years of working experience in overseas design institutions. He has integrated international design concepts and oriental culture. He has a keen and unique understanding of international fashion culture. He is good at combining fashion, art, culture and space perfectly to deduce connotative and tasteful Space design style, the achievement of many East and West elements mix and match classic works. Company profile

N. Design Yaonian space design company, formed by a passionate young team, is a growing and thinking company with good professional quality and service awareness, specializing in the overall design of sales offices, model rooms, clubs and other spaces. It is a modern mainstream design organization with space design and soft decoration service as the main body. It provides high-quality design concept and professional design service for the project, provides forward-looking and reasonable creative scheme, and emphasizes the perfect integration of culture and quality.
Awards and honors
2019 GPDP Award International Design Award
Top 100 international influential innovative designers of the year;
2019 American International Innovation Design Award
Top 100 international influential Designer Award of the year;
The 7th Golden Creative Award International Space Design Competition in 2019
Real estate sales space - Bronze Award

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