IIDA Italy International Design Award

Italy International Design Award 2024

The negotiating table of the original Eco-Modern Conference

The negotiating table of the original Eco-Modern Conference
Winner of 2023 GOLD Prize

Design of Furniture


We used hundreds of thousands of original eco-trees for the theme, incorporating unique elements of ancient trees in a modern style to create a smart business guest table. Injecting life into the product breaks the monotonic uniformity of the bulk product horizon.
Because the ancient tree has been growing for hundreds of years and has undergone a baptism of earth's nature, the wood is physically worn and difficult to achieve basic practical performance. To preserve the original ecological beauty and practicality, we filled the decayed locations of the doors with cast epoxy and increased the area available for use. Epoxy is a transparent material. It can echo the commercial atmosphere of the large-scale exterior hanging glass of modern commercial buildings, and it is just right to mix modernity with nature and practicality.
As the old saying goes, a hundred years make wood, and a thousand years make gall, which is the external erosion of a tree by the growth of nodules due to pests, and is a unique representation of an old tree.
To express the characteristics of the galls, the natural edges of the wood of the tree tumour were swept in 3D, and the bio-inspired edges of the tree tumour were displayed by back casting resin.
The shape of the legs of the table was inspired by a large tree hole, again giving full play to the original ecological features. Figures drawn from nature, without artificial modifications, have a unique aesthetic.
Table legs available in 2 types of materials: 1. Acrylic, 2. Stainless steel.
The characteristic of metal tree hole is to adopt the great invention of China: lost wax casting process.

Design by Zhao Hao

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