IIDA Award Italy 2022


Pangorum, Chelva, Spain
Winner of 2021 GOLD Prize

Design of B&B Space


Our cabins, fleeting shelters, will allow us to reconnect with our roots, valuing our environment.
Also, located in a natural setting, they will provide our clients with the opportunity to isolate themselves from the routine and connect with the natural and cultural environment offered by our locations.
These shelters will allow the guest a reconnection with nature, only then will he find the rest he needs.
“Through fleeting escapes to a different and special environment that makes them discover, share and experience new emotions. Enjoying each other in a quiet environment. "

• We locate our proposal in a natural environment, a quality tourist location that adjusts to the environment and is in coherence with the environment.
• We propose independent rooms, isolated from each other, with total privacy. Clients will find in our proposal an opportunity to disconnect from the routine and share unique moments.
• We offer a series of cultural and sports activities to be carried out in the vicinity. We will point out paths and trails for walking, routes for cycling, places of interest and landmarks in the area.
A complete experience, designed for two, in an attractive landscape. Freedom, tranquility to have moments to fully share with your partner, without distractions.
We will pay great attention to detail, always ensuring the correct integration of the proposal into the landscape. We will imitate the environment in which it is implanted and we will recreate a characteristic and special environment with a high ecological awareness.
We will orient the room and bathroom with views of the landscape so that the experience in our accommodation is complete, feeling the accommodation as your refuge.


Cosmos Architecture, is an architecture and design studio based in Valencia, Spain with branches in Asia, Middle East and South America.
The practice offers a wide range of solutions, thanks to our long experience and partnerships with worldwide international companies such as IVICSA, that able us to work at every stage of the project in fields such as Architecture, Engineer and Project management. Formed by a multidisciplinary group of professionals, who carries out residential, cultural, corporate and public projects at international level with clients and projects all around the world. With more than 42 years of experience the focus of the projects arises from a double commitment:
the will to give a technical response to a specific context and the desire, to seek beauty through the built work, pursuing the satisfaction of all those who actively participate in the development.
Especially clients, but also collaborators, builders and finally users.

Zhoutang public art space project
Winner of 2021 GOLD Prize

Design of Architectural Construction


Zhoutang Public Art Space is located in Zhoutang Village, Yingtan, Jiangxi, similar to a village in a city. The location is very close to the high-speed railway station, and there are two universities nearby. The whole village has a large number of buildings of different time periods, disorderly and disorderly in style. However, based on the historical nature of the entire village and the surrounding natural features, taking into account the nostalgia of a large number of indigenous people, the local government did not adopt a simple principle of demolition and sale of land, but used a lot of force to protect it. The method of transformation allows this area to retain the local area while implanting new visual performance and business content.
Our team’s cooperation method for transforming this project is an integrated operation method of design and construction. The reason for adopting this method depends on the fact that our team’s office on Pingjiang Road, Suzhou is very similar to this project and can more fully reflect the design. Ideas, so that the project can be better presented.
When the relationship between the new building and the surrounding environment is inconsistent, the surrounding environment and internal vision can be coordinated through certain visual occlusion and visual slices. As an old renovation project, the initial building is five residential buildings. The main building materials are red sandstone, which is widely used locally. The texture is loose and easy to weather, but the color is beautiful. The frame is a timber frame. The quality of the timber varies due to cost and capital issues. Certainly historical, and many of them have decayed, so the visual relationship between the five houses and the surrounding new buildings (built from the 1970s to the 1980s) is somewhat inconsistent.
Therefore, we adopted the settlement design technique to transform the five buildings from scattered to settlement, and used the corridor design technique to connect the existing buildings. In addition to equalizing the main body of the building, the corridors also enclose to form a functional courtyard to increase the functional usability.

We first docked this project in October 2020. After listening to the local leaders’ explanation of why the project still existed (it was not demolished as ruins), our team was moved. We felt that they were very interested in this piece of land. Emotions. Under tremendous pressure, this is a renewal and exploration of concepts, perhaps the respect for the land and the aboriginal people. Change their environment and use the power of design to change people's aesthetic and value recognition and extension.
We believe that the relationship between architecture, man and nature requires consideration. In addition to vision, the integration of ventilation, drainage, light, trees, and landscape is more important. Let trees, sunlight, and wind become the props of the scene; the tiles and textured stones on the tail can all contribute to the aesthetics of the vision.
In the process of design and transformation, due to investment constraints, we try our best to achieve the principles of light formability and on-site use of raw materials, and the use of low-cost materials. The main body adopts the steel frame implantation method to strengthen the old building, preset the two sewage drainage system, and the wrapping of the air conditioner outside, so as to make the space as more orderly as possible.

Design by WANGTUO

Senior interior designer
National accomplished senior interior architect
Suzhou Youjian architectural decoration design Engineering Co., Ltd
With a keen sense of global home boutique design trends and life aesthetics, the pursuit of innovation, insight into changes in people's attitudes to life, and let the space shine with a unique artistic light, we are working hard to create a design brand with an international perspective. See you on the right, by your side, we invite you to experience the art of life together, across the eternal beauty...

“Free Shoes”– A kind of convenient shoes with no distinction between front and back, left and right (no distinction between front and back , left and right feet of the shoes)
Winner of 2021 GOLD Prize

Design of Home Product


“Free Shoes”-- A kind of convenient shoes with no distinction between front and back, left and right (no distinction between front and back , left and right feet of the shoes)
A kind of shoes with no distinction between front and back, left and right is a kind of shoes which has the possibility of no distinction between front and back, left and right, men and women, old and young, and makes it more convenient to wear. It is not only the realization and breakthrough of the revolutionary nature of the new concept, but also a subversion and a milestone in the history of shoes.

Mr Liu Jinglu, in his leisure time, observed that people are always obsessed with the left&right,back&front when wearing shoes at home, to say in the living room, going to or getting off bed at night, which is not very convenient for modern people who have worked all day long and need to relax completely. The purpose of Mr. Liu’s invention is to help people to relax as much as possible even in every detail after busy work, so the convenient shoes - "Jinglu shoes"was invented with rooted creative design.
It took Mr Liu Jinglu half a month to design and make out the new convenient shoes,which was the subversion of normal shoes mold since people start wear shoes with left&right side.We name the creative rooted designed shoes “Jinglu Shoes” in honor of the inventor Mr Liu Jinglu. The rooted creative design of the shoes is not only simple and convenient for people to wear, but to inspire people in life and work of how to make impossible possible, an inspiring change of the way of thinking.

The invention of "jinglu shoes" completely liberated people's hands, and they no longer need to bend down to distinguish the front and back of the shoes. In addition, without the limitation of left and right feet, we are no longer afraid that one of the shoes will be broken or lost. We only need to match a "Jinglu shoe" of the same size to form a new pair to continue to use. (see the attachment for the picture of "jinglu shoes").
A kind of convenient shoes with no distinction between front and back, left and right (no distinction between front and back , left and right feet of the shoes,we are coming with the most rooted and subversive creative design, it will wake up the forefront of leading in the future aesthetics).

Design by Jinglu Liu

Liu Jinglu (Da Lu), a famous artist and inventor, was born in 1965 in Linyi of Shandong province. He is appointed as National Gift artist by Zhongnanhai. He is the originator of “ideological freehand ink painting and ideological calligraphy----sculpture” (The painting on the paper or canvas is transformed into three-dimensional sculpture),Tsinghua University Academy of Fine Arts Painting and Calligraphy Seminar,member of the artists association in New York,Director of the International Federation of Contemporary Arts (USA), Ambassador of the world mind map (UK).His works are collected by Zhongnanhai and many other museums and galleries home or abroad, and by private collectors from America, Japan, South-east Asia, Hongkong, and Taiwan, etc.
Liu’s works are distinguished in this era with their independent thoughts, original spirits and natural qualities, which have influenced and promoted the developing and flourishing of traditional Chinese art.
Director of the world Chinese Artists Association, director of the Chinese Painters Association, academician of the Chinese calligraphy and painting art research institute, vice chairman of the Art Committee of the Chinese calligraphy and painting masters network, vice president of the China International Calligraphy and painting masters Research Institute, director of the China farmers calligraphy and Painting Research Association, director of the Chinese celebrity magazine, vice chairman of the world calligraphy and Painting Association, and President of the International Council of Red Oriental Art.In 2020, it won the "world mind map ambassador" (UK) and the "world mind map Contribution Award". In 2019, the Chinese culture and art talent pool decided to award artist Liu Jinglu the 2018 "peace Art Award" (China culture and art talent management center and China culture and art talent pool); In October 2018, it was awarded the title of "cultural communication ambassador" by China culture and art talent pool.

Rongchuang future No.1 132 model room
Winner of 2021 GOLD Prize

Design of Model Room


Jinan Shenwu 132 house type takes the lifestyle of high net worth circle as the design origin, and presents a new benchmark of high-end residential quality through the design creativity and humanistic temperature. Starting from the regional culture, combined with the crowd and lifestyle, introduce the functional integration and architectural concept, master the characteristics and needs of space, balance practicality and sensibility, logically divide, define and organize space, and integrate a set of exclusive interpretation of space from the level of multiple senses, containing the significance of the times, which is better than the appearance of the visual surface.

The living room is designed with intelligent system. After the owner comes home, he can change it gently; AI, I'm home. The lighting system automatically allocates comfortable light sources. "Ai, I want to watch TV". The projection screen automatically falls and the curtains automatically close. Let's start watching the movie.
The living room emphasizes the thinking of spatial line feeling and life function, presents it with coherent techniques and language modeling, and extends to the inside and outside. The open pattern, with no barrier, makes the space more spacious and transparent, creates a relaxed atmosphere, and finally melts in the one meter sunshine of the bay window. Hold a book, taste a glass of red wine, and enjoy this quiet afternoon.
The western kitchen island table and the dining table are connected in parallel, with coherent lines and slightly staggered height, quietly dividing the functions. The rotatable bar adds the free variability of space and convenience for the communication between families. The smoke and fire of life permeates the dining table.
The master bedroom continues the comfortable tone, exquisite and elegant. The skin on the wall and the bedside made of round mirror material form a hierarchy. The furnishings of furniture and accessories are just right, creating a calm and introverted field and soothing the impetuous and tired psychology.
The children's room selects the double bed design to put forward more solutions for the space. The Star Wars theme loved by children is compatible with three different functional needs of rest, entertainment and learning. In the same atmosphere, ivory white is the main color, interspersed with bright gray and blue color blocks to show the lively and flexible growth;
The old people's room continues the warm sense of relaxation, abandons redundant decoration, and accommodates the old people's foreign life attitude with peaceful colors, natural and lightweight furniture objects, saxophone and music records on the bay window.


LAFA Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts / Domus School of Design
Founder of UND Beijing Yuyuan Yifeng Product Design Co., Ltd. / Mingyi Furniture Brand
Art instructor of China National Innovation Base
China Design Association 2019 Innovation Award
Engaged in interior soft design for 18 years
It mainly serves China Resources, Rongchuang, Cofco and other well-known domestic real estate developers.

Interior design of Yuzhen Enterprise Management Co., Ltd, building 5, phase II of Rongxin Greenland
Winner of 2021 GOLD Prize

Design of Cultural Office


Interior design of Yuzhen Enterprise Management Co., Ltd, building 5, phase II of Rongxin Greenland
The function of this project is positioned as a high-end training institution. The 10th floor is part of the training activity space, and the 11th floor is the core management office space of the institution. The project contains multiple demands for space, hoping that the space is open, free, pioneering, and takes shared communication as the core. Meanwhile, the management office space and reception space need to satisfy their relative independence and sense of ceremony. Because of the characteristics of the courses taught by the training institutions, the design incorporates the Chinese traditional cultural temperament into the modern space. The 10th floor is a training space, and each classroom is like an independent module, with a deep understanding of the characteristics of teaching activities, and using a trapezoidal space. There is a relatively quiet reading corner between each independent module. The classrooms are arranged in the outer circle with good light, enclosing the multifunctional shared space in the middle, in which various activities can be conducted. The general service counter is placed in the central section, which serves the shared space from all directions. The 11th floor is the core management space, and the front desk and background of the entrance incorporate the connotation of traditional astrological culture. The left and right areas respectively are an open shared office area and an independent and quiet business reception area. The two layers of space are responsible for different functions, looking for a certain difference in spatial temperament, but the logic and cultural symbols of the entire space are inherently continued. The contents in the spiritual layer are taken from the Chinese traditional culture, which is not stuck to specific traditional symbols. In the space, there are cultural images such as "floating clouds", "flowing water", "stars", "ripples", and "ferry boats", expressing the user's inner spiritual pursuits of "quietness", "elegance", "education" and "dissemination" to people.

Design by JiangChen & ShiXuyan

Scheme of beikejian Yizhuang science and Technology Innovation Park
Winner of 2021 GOLD Prize

Design of Cultural Office


The vision of Yizhuang Innovation and Technology Park is to build a technological innovation center, focusing on the four leading industries of electronic information, biomedicine, high-end automobiles, and high-end equipment. In the future, a batch of 100-billion-level and tens-billion-level enterprises will be cultivated. It will also develop and expand the four emerging industries of productive services, cultural creativity, airport services, and energy conservation and environmental protection, and form leading industrial clusters such as integrated circuits, biomedicine, new energy vehicles, high-end vehicles, new displays, intelligent equipment, and industrial Internet. In the design of the Exhibition Center of Building No. 1 of Beikejian Yizhuang Science and Technology Park, we hope to use the openness, malleability, flexibility, multi-dimensionality, 3D interaction, smart lighting, digital black technology, etc. of the space to create an “urban illusion”. Let people experience the convenience and fun brought by technology and feel the advent of the era of artificial intelligence. The artwork refractions through light and shadow to outline the changing beauty. The futuristic crystal box floats above the city, shaping a new visual experience, extending beauty and hope, and the future brings us unlimited perception and reverie.


Winner of 2021 GOLD Prize

Design of Leisure and Entertainment


We use the difference and heterogeneity derived from reproducibility and expressiveness to create an image of interaction and imagination. Without restrictions, what kind of state the space can present, a person who lives according to his own way and understanding, will design the space through real daily life. The connection between "people and things" is the most special and moving. We combine the eclectic and harmonious interior with exquisite designs from the past. The design feature is to explore modern minimalism and hide the sense of the future in sophisticated design ideas.

Design by KIncredible

Internationalized interior and architectural overall planning and design services. Combining contemporary aesthetic concepts with multiple and deconstructed design concepts to create every new aesthetic paradigm. Research on space design is tending to break through the boundaries of traditional space design, using the three-way integration of vision, architecture, and space to challenge and interpret the traditional space design field. Committed to the active interaction between space and experience, details, materials, modeling and lighting, rather than simply following the patterned copy style. Each project design creates a unique space story through a unique spatial experiential interpretation technique. Through the spatial sense of architectural aesthetics, it starts from the sensory experience of people's design creation, and creativity touches the heart of the space.

Shenzhen Nanshan pengrunda Plaza-EIKAWA Restaurant
Winner of 2021 GOLD Prize

Design of Catering Service

IIDA-2021-EIKAWA Restaurant-7


Project Name: Shenzhen Nanshan pengrunda Plaza - EIKAWA Restaurant
Project location: 8F, pengrunda Plaza, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
Project area: 800 m²
Design company: Shenzhen SIMPLE Creative Firm Co., Ltd
Design Description: adhering to the concept of "Japanese cuisine is the embodiment of elegance and the enjoyment of beauty", the design makes customers feel different visual characteristics and hidden dining atmosphere with elegant and clean layout. The decoration design of Japanese restaurant does not need to pursue luxury and richness. It is natural and simple, which is more in line with Japanese food culture. Therefore, we choose the rock elements with natural characteristics as the leading. The natural rich texture of the rock reveals the uncanny workmanship and tension of nature, and creates a calm and quiet atmosphere in the overall design. The overall design is simple and true, emphasizing the integration of man and nature, light and shadow.

Design by Paul Poon

Paul Poon, senior interior designer in Hong Kong and Shenzhen. He has been engaged in interior design since 1995 and has more than 20 years of professional interior design experience. He is a pioneer and pioneer of Chinese interior design, designing multiple hotels, clubs and high-end villas for domestic first-tier cities. In 2000, Chambon Creative Office was formally established. Always focusing on interpreting space art with a unique professional perspective, each design project can be unique and refreshing. He constantly extracts design inspiration and elements in his life and uses them cleverly in his works, and uses modern expression techniques combining Chinese and Western to sculpt a gorgeous and concise style. His refinement of spatial details is almost harsh, and the uniqueness it presents always touches the heartstrings of people.

Hunan homestyle cuisine restaurant
Winner of 2021 GOLD Prize

Design of Catering Service

IIDA-2021-Hunan homestyle cuisine restaurant-17


In the warm light over mottled shadow, the graceful outline is covered with layers of vivid hues granted by the wind and dew ... No matter which majestic ancient castle or the soul of a temple foundation with one corner dilapidated, intangibly all of them are narrating, even singing, the evolution of time is so incredible.
--Lin Huiyin
The beauty of time resides in the inevitable transmigration of spring flower, autumn moon, summer shine and winter snow.
The beauty of time resides in the inevitable subtle traces, fragmentary city, dilapidated wall, cramped house and tumbledown roof.
Looking back on the Republic of China in the past 100 years, it seems not far away. The ruins of that time could be seen everywhere, and we often linger among them. Our parents' complex of the Republic of China is "Shanghai Beach", Xu Wenqiang's white scarf, Feng Chengcheng's braided hair. While our generation's complex of Republic of China is "Moment in Peking", Yao Mulan's elegance, Niu Suyun's arrogance ... Scenes of old-fashioned stories are replayed in our minds, such as cheongsam, old theater, emerald bracelet, gold pocket watch, small flower pattern ceramic tile and colored glass chandelier. It has gone with wind quietly, but it is still winding around our hearts in wisps. Every time I thought of it, I feel somewhat disappointed complied with a little delighted ...
[Tiger Buddy] Hunan homestyle cuisine restaurant is located in a prosperous area of Loudi City in Hunan Province. It has been in business for more than 10 years, establishing a good reputation and a wide range of social contacts in the local area. Through this reconstruction, the founder hopes to reconcile his nostalgic feelings with the spicy and fresh taste of Hunan cuisine, and to reproduce the scenes of the Republic of China market featuring intense fragrant aromas, flute and drum performance, brilliantly illuminated indoors and music playing endless. Making the space as a whole present an atmosphere of elegance without loss of noise and clamor, simple without loss of complex and extravagant, so that diners could experience the consumption impression as if of another world.
In the emphasis of space designing, the designers started with color and looked for the unique tone of the Republic of China era. The space was dressed as if a lady from Republic of China in cheongsam, with lotus's elegance, plum's arrogance, peach's fragrance and lotus flower's virtuous, and is accompanied by nostalgic furniture, lamps and accessories, which are suffused with fascinating flavor.
At the meantime, in order to coordinate the aesthetic tastes and preferences of contemporary people, numerous modern materials and manufacturing methods have been selected in terms of crafts and textures, so that the new and the old, the tradition and the modern could be seamlessly connected.
The designer does not deliberately pursue the novelty of the modelling but adopts a plainer design method as far as possible to reflect the technological quality of the space to the greatest extent, reflect the Republican temperament of the space, and create an elegant and sumptuous dining atmosphere. The diners seem to view from the window, creating a vague, real, simple and rich feeling of experience.
The rapid growth of age is disturbing. Although the hair on the sideburns is gray, he still keeps a young and surging heart. Playing with a gold goblet in hand and listening to the familiar tunes in ears, he remembered the music ever heard when he was young but drunk ...
Project Information:
Project Name: [Tiger Buddy] Hunan Homestyle Cuisine Restaurant
Design Company: Changsha Wukong Architectural Decoration Engineering Design Co., Ltd.
Chief Case Design: Yin Jian
Deepening Team: Chen Zhao, Lu Xinghong, Du Hao
Soft Decoration Team: Guan Ye, Li Huimin, Shen Xinteng
Site Area: 1,600 square meters
Main Materials: Wood veneer, basalt, baked painted wallboard, black titanium stainless steel, painted process glass, encaustic tile.
Completion Time:2020
Space Photography: Huang Qi

Design by Yi Jian

Chief Creative Design: Yin Jian
Design Director of Changsha Wukong Architectural Decoration Engineering Design Co., Ltd.
Vice President of Hunan Architectural Interior Design Society
About [Wukong Design]
The founder, Mr. Yin Jian, and the core team have been deeply involved in the interior design industry for many years, have accumulated rich professionalism and practical experience, achieved impressive performance and reputation, and won dozens of awards at home and abroad.
The company roots the design concept in the soil of traditional Chinese aesthetics, deeply refines its essence and elements, and uses contemporary design techniques and technology to spare no effort to tell the world a beautiful vision from the East.

Ramada Plaza Ningguo
Winner of 2021 GOLD Prize

Design of Hotel Club

iida 2021 Ramada Plaza Ningguo10-中餐包厢


Project address: Ningguo City, Anhui Province
Project area: 25,000 square meters
Project scale: five-star hotel
design concept:
The beauty of Anhui is always mountains connected by mountains, mountains next to mountains, endless; every scenery always has scenery outside the scenery, and the twists and turns always have surprises and beauty, so the hotel will never be the focus of the journey.
The project is located in Ningguo, which has a landscape advantage of mountains and lakes. The elements are extracted from the mountains and waters of southern Anhui as the prototype. At the same time, it seeks inspiration in history, respects the order in Huizhou art, symmetrical aesthetic foundation, and interprets Huizhou symbols with modern methods, concisely condensing the relationship between tradition and modernity.
Starting from the architectural transformation and combining the mountains, the buildings are undulating, interspersed with internal spaces, changing scenery, winding paths, and walking into different spaces will always make you discover different beauty.

Design by Jiang Wen

3rd Floor, Building 13, Block C, First Park, Wuzhong Avenue, Wuzhong District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province
Chief Designer of Suzhou Nine inch nails Space Design Studio
Director and Associate Dean of the International Academy of America
Founder of Set Set Elite Exchange
Awards experience:
China's outstanding young designers
Outstanding Youth of China (Jiangsu) Design
Top Ten Outstanding Young People in China's Decoration Design Industry
Asia Pacific Interior Design Elite Invitational Gold Award
design concept:
A good designer only needs to open Bole's eyes, realize the unique beauty of different spaces, discover her, enlarge her, and make her present in the world more meaningfully.
Design works:
Huzhou Yujiangnan Restaurant
Novotel Hotels in Yancheng
Baiyun Mountain
International Health and Leisure Resort Hotel
Yinshan Lake Hotel Club
Coralview Resort Fiji
Sino-Fiji Cultural Resort World